The downloadable forms that are commonly used in the Staff Pension Plan are listed below (as PDFs). 

Please contact us if you have any questions about these forms.

Disclaimer: We make every effort to ensure that all information on this website is accurate and complete. Should any discrepancy exist, the Plan Documents, statutes, or regulations shall apply. 

To obtain a pension estimate

pension estimate can be prepared to provide an estimated forecast of the pension benefits that will become available youPlease review the Retiring from UVic section of this website for important information.

To appoint/designate a beneficiary

A spouse, as defined in the Pension Benefits Standards Act, is automatically entitled to survivor benefits.  Use this form to confirm or update your marital status. 

To authorize a representative

You can also provide a copy of a Power of Attorney to Pension Services. 

Spousal waivers

The following spousal waivers are prescribed under the Pension Benefits Standards Act. A spouse can choose to use these forms to waive their entitlements to survivor benefits, under different circumstances: 

Use this form to permit the selection of survivor benefits that provide less than the minimum benefit required under the Pension Benefits Standards Act.

Use this form to permit the designation of a beneficiary who is not a spouse.

Use this form to permit a transfer to an external vehicle.

To update your banking information (for direct deposit)

To apply for payments or transfers

To change or update personal tax credits

Please refer to CRA website (look for TD1 forms applicable to your province of residence)

Forms related to pension division

Please refer to the Divorce & separation section of this website for information and forms related to pension division.

Claim and request for information and notice (Form P1)

This form is used by a former spouse who is making a claim against the member's benefits. After this form is delivered to the Pension Services, the former spouse is entitled to receive:

  • information from the administrator/annuity issuer about the benefits
  • 30 days' advance notice of changes of circumstances affecting the benefits

Agreement to have benefits divided under Part 6 (Form P9), separation agreement, or court order

The form P9 is used in lieu of a formal agreement or court order that addresses the division of pension benefits.

The separation agreement or court order must provide clear direction on how the pension is to be divided. The following information MUST be included:

  • the name of the pension plan to be divided (University of Victoria Staff Pension Plan).

  • the day, month and year of the entitlement period.

  • the method to be used to divide the pension (e.g., 50% of the pension during the entitlement period, or any other agreed-to portion

Withdrawal of notice/Waiver of claim (Form P7)

This form is used if a former spouse decides to withdraw a notice or other document previously delivered, or to relinquish a claim to the benefits. A notice cannot be withdrawn once the benefit division arrangements are completed.

Change of information (Form P8)

This form is used to update your contact information.