Leaving UVic

Please inform Pension Services of any changes to your address, contact information, or marital status. Pension Services and Human Resources operate independently from each other and therefore such changes must be reported to us separately.   

In the world of pensions, leaving your employment means terminating your active membership in the pension plan. In British Columbia, all pension plan benefits are immediately vested, which means you are entitled to the benefits the moment you earn them. While termination of employment affects your ability to add future contributions into the plan, it does not affect your entitlement to the benefits earned to date.

Pension Services will receive notice that you have left your employment at UVic, along with your final pay and payroll adjustments, which are normally available 6 to 8 weeks after your final paid date. Once we have this, we will provide you with a statement and information regarding your benefits, any options that are available to you, and instructions for the next steps.

Please review the Early Retirement fact sheet for information on your options when you leave UVic and applicable early retirement reductions. 

The Staff Plan Document provides a complete description of the plan and its provisions. 

Disclaimer: We make every effort to ensure that all information on this website is accurate and complete. Should any discrepancy exist, the Plan Documents, statutes, or regulations shall apply.