Your retirement package

If you are retiring or considering retirement within the next 5 years, you can apply to receive an estimate of your pension by submitting the Application for pension estimate form to Pension Services. Upon receipt of your application, we will prepare a package, which will include a pension estimate, an explanation of the options that are available to you, and instructions for the next steps.

While you are not required to retire in order to obtain an estimate, we will need a date of retirement (even if estimated) to prepare a retirement package. This date can be changed later, but it will be used in the calculations presented in your package. 

Please note that applications are free, non-obligatory, and fully confidential. We also offer free individual consultations with our entitlements officer (by appointment). 

Disclaimer: We make every effort to ensure that all information on this website is accurate and complete. Should any discrepancy exist, the Plan Documents, statutes, or regulations shall apply. 


Retirement estimates are generally provided within 4 weeks of receipt of an application; however, please contact Pension Services approximately 3 months before your expected retirement date.  This will allow us to prepare your file and give you adequate time to consult with your advisor(s) and consider your options.

If you are actually retiring, you will be asked to submit some forms to confirm the options you have selected and other details. Ideally, to avoid delays with your first payments, all documents should be returned to Pension Services at least one full calendar month before your first pension payment date

Survivor benefits & divorce or separation

Please refer to the Survivor Benefit fact sheet and the Divorce & separation section to find out how your pension can be affected by the survivor benefits selected at retirement, or if you become divorced or separated.