Course Materials

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Inclusion of Short Excerpts in an LMS

According to the copying guidelines, a short excerpt/extract of a copyright-protected work (e.g. literary work, musical score, sound recording, and audiovisual work) may be posted to an LMS.

*Remember that linking to material, legally posted online, is always permissible as an alternative to copying.*


In order to respect the guiding principle discussed above, and to ensure that the short excerpts are only accessible by students registered in the course, the following safeguards must be met:

  • The fair dealing guidelines do not apply to the posting of short excerpts to a wiki, a blog, or a service offered by a third party such as Dropbox, Refworks, Mendeley, or Google Drive.
  • The LMS must be password-protected
  • The short excerpts must only be accessible to the students enrolled in the course
  • Where possible, please create persistent links to material, rather than uploading and redistributing content

In addition, we suggest that you include the fair dealing statement in your course website, which lets students know that materials distributed to them may only be used for research and private study.

Guiding Principle (UVic policy No IM7310)

The principle behind the Fair Dealing Guidelines is that copying or communicating a copyright-protected work is not to substitute for the purchase of the work that was copied or communicated. In order to respect that principle, it is necessary to implement certain safeguards for the holders of copyright in the works copied for inclusion in a learning management system (LMS).

Should you have any questions please contact the Copyright Office.

The Copyright Office makes every effort to provide accurate information but does not offer it as counsel or legal advice.