Copying guidelines

These guidelines are sourced from Fair Dealing Guidance for Students at the University of Victoria (University Policy No: IM7310)

You may communicate and reproduce, in paper or electronic format, short excerpts from a copyright-protected work for the purposes of research, private study, criticism, review, news reporting, education, satire or parody. The copy must include a full citation of the source (e.g. title, author, year of publication, pages etc.).

The university is not liable for any infringing copies made or communicated by students including such copies made or communicated using copiers or scanners made available by the university.

A short excerpt means:

(a) up to 10% of a copyright-protected work (including a literary work, musical score, sound recording, and an audiovisual work)

(b) one chapter from a book

(c) a single article from a periodical

(d) an entire artistic work (including a painting, print, photograph, diagram, drawing, map, chart, and plan) from a copyright-protected work containing other artistic works

(e) an entire newspaper article or page

(f) an entire single poem or musical score from a copyright-protected work containing other poems or musical scores

(g) an entire entry from an encyclopedia, annotated bibliography, dictionary or similar reference work

provided that in each case, no more of the work is copied than is required in order to achieve the allowable purpose.

See specific sections of this website for guidance on:

Should you have any questions please contact the Copyright Office.

The Copyright Office makes every effort to provide accurate information but does not offer it as counsel or legal advice.