Welcome to CourseMapper, the application that allows you to design your program's requirements.
For detailed instructions, view the documentation.

Step 1: Enter the title of your program

The title will be displayed at the top of the map.

Step 2: Specify the courses required for your program

Type a subject code (e.g. ENGL) into the Add Courses box and click Show to display all courses from that subject in the Year Chart

Specify which courses are required by clicking on a course in the Year Chart and setting Required in the Course Info tab. Then, if necessary, sort the course into the desired year by dragging and dropping in the Year Chart.

Add electives blocks by clicking Add New Electives from the Electives tab. Specify the title of the electives block (e.g. "400-level Literature") and the number of required units. Drag and drop courses from the Year Chart into your electives block to add explicit course options for electives, or leave the electives block empty if you don't wish to specify all the options. Finally, drag and drop the electives block to the desired year of your program.

Verify you have not accidentally omitted any prerequisites by clicking the Prerequisites tab, which shows a list of all prerequisites for the programs required courses that are currently unmet.

Step 3: Preview the map generated for your program

Add or remove arrows from your map by selecting two courses and clicking Add Arrow or Hide Arrow. An existing arrow can be turned into a co-requisite arrow (an arrow without a head) by selecting the two nodes attached to the arrow and clicking Make Corequisite. Clicking Make Prerequsite will add the arrowhead back.

Step 4: Save the map for your program and embed on your program's webpage

Clicking save on this page will allow you to save a file to return editing where you left off. Clicking the Download map button in the preview tab will download an SVG file which can be embedded into a webpage or converted into an image file.

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    Below is a list of all the unsatisfied prereqs for the currently selected courses. As soon as a prereq becomes satisfied, it disappears from the list. If a new course is selected and has an unmet prereq, it will automatically appear in this list.

    Co-ops, unlike courses, can span multiple terms. To offer flexibility, co-ops are displayed as a banner spanning all the years in which a co-op can be taken. (e.g., if a co-op term is required somewhere between second and fourth year, a Start Year of 2 and End Year of 4 will produce the appropriate banner.)

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      Select two courses to add, remove, or modify the arrow between them. Prerequsite arrows have arrowheads and space courses horizontally. Corequisite arrows have no arrowhead and appear in the same column.

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      Add additional descriptions and links to more information regarding the selected electives block.

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