Staff directory





Kathleen Arenata Co-op and Career Assistant 250-721-8195
Cheyenne Arnold - Cunningham ILRU Researcher
Jessica Asch Indigenous Law Research Unit Research Director 250-721-8178
Fran Blake

Coordinator, Academic Administration

Ellen Campbell

ILRU Researcher


Coordinator, Indigenous Initiatives

Heather Chestnutt Research Facilitation Officer 250-853-3600
Gracie Chiu Environmental Law Centre Administrative Assistant 250-472-4821

Jina Dhillon Manager, Law Careers Office 250-472-4719

Liz Eby

Development Officer


Brooke Edmonds

Indigenous Law Research Unit Coordinator


Petra (Emmaline) English

Articled Student

Andrea Feary

Assistant to the Associate Dean, Administration & Research and Faculty Assistant


Kirsten Gaucher

Administrative Assistant, Academic Services


Christina Friesen Counselling, Personal Support, Amicus 250-479-4910
Tiffany Gordon Graduate Program Coordinator 250-721-8913
Vacant Family Law Advocate, Law Centre Clinic 250-385-1221 
Laura Hamilton Assistant to the Dean 250-721-8147
Tybring Hemphill Clinical Instructor: Law Centre Clinical Law Program 250-385-1221
Duncan Ives Desktop Support Analyst 250-721-8631

Johnesha Johnson Senior Admissions Assistant 250-721-8151

Judy Jones Program Administrator, Law Centre Clinic 250-385-1221

Deb Kennedy Financial Aid and Admissions Officer 250-721-8166
Musab Khalid External Relations (Development) Coordinator

Zubaida Khan Law Student Support Coordinator 250-472-4761
Lori Klear Recruitment and Admissions Officer 250-721-8155

Yvonne Lawson Manager, Academic Administration and Student Services 250-721-8153
Maggie Li Financial Assistant 250-721-8191
Taryn Marwick Law Careers Assistant 250-721-8790
Rosemary McCutcheon Director, Finance & Administration 250-721-8198

Susan Noakes Social Worker, The Law Centre 250-385-1221
ext #8606

William Owen Administrative Assistant, Academic Services 250-721-6162
Holly Pattison Director of Operations and Communications: Environmental Law Centre 250-721-8188
Francine Proctor Law Co-op Coordinator 250-721-8196
Julie Sloan Communications Officer 250-721-8167
Rachel Steinhoff Admissions & Faculty Assistant 250-721-8160

Patricia Weber

Environmental Law Centre Clinic Lawyer

Tara Williamson

Indigenous Law Research Unit Research Director


Ruth Young

Director, Indigenous Initiatives