How to apply for Legal Aid

  1. When we talk about Legal Aid on this page we mean the appointment, by the Legal Services Society, of a lawyer in private practice to help a person with their legal problems. When a private lawyer is appointed by the Legal Services Society, the lawyer's bill is paid for by the Legal Services Society.

  2. You cannot apply for Legal Aid online. To find the closest Legal Aid offices where you can apply in person, go to the Legal Services Socity website

  3. To qualify for Legal Aid, a person must first be financially eligible. Eligibility is governed by an income and asset test.  Exceptions to the financial test will only be made in serious emergencies. In addition to being financially eligible, a person must demonstrate that his or her problem falls within the type of cases which Legal Aid pays for. Currently, there are several types of legal problems covered by Legal Aid. To view a list of the types of these legal problems, click here.