Study abroad

Studying abroad can be as educational as any course work. Experiencing a different culture will deepen your understanding of others. And, it's a great way to see the world.

Practicum learning

An international practicum offers something the classroom at home can't. Students are exposed to different cultures, different geographies and different styles of learning and teaching.

Some programs at UVic (Nursing, Social Work, Child and Youth Care and Education) include a mandatory practicum, which is a directed work experience.

Department-based programs

The Department of Hispanic and Italian Studies offers study abroad programs for students interested in Spanish and Italian language studies:

The department of Pacific and Asian Studies offers various opportunities to study abroad in China and TaiwanIndonesia and Japan.

Germanic and Slavic Studies supports the following study abroad opportunities:

Greek and Roman Studies offers a Semester in Greece from January to March every other year.

Independent study abroad

If you want to study abroad at a university that does not have a partnership agreement with UVic, you must first obtain a letter of permission from UVic. This document will specify the duration and details of your study at the host university.

To get a letter of permission, undergraduate students should meet with an academic adviser in the appropriate Faculty, and graduate students should consult the UVic Calendar.