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UVic chosen as a national research computing hub

This visualization of gases within a star was prepared by UVic astrophysicist Falk Herwig using advanced research computing.

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BC ferry

Oceanography on the move

UVic's Ocean Networks Canada teams up with BC Ferries to monitor ocean conditions in the Strait of Georgia.

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Centre director Afzal Suleman

Unmanned aircraft research flies high with funding boost

Since its launch three years ago, the Centre for Aerospace Research has become a Canadian leader in UAV research, design and testing.

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Paul Zehr with a research participant

Island Health funding fuels UVic research

Neuroscientist Paul Zehr, left, is working with stroke survivors to improve their range of movement.

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First Peoples House

A balancing act of water stewardship

Our unusually dry spring and summer is highlighting the need for careful water management at UVic, for both water conservation and wise usage.

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Special Archives on a table

The roots of Canadian ecology

The launch of a digitization project and a new archive are a providing a powerful combination of resources for ecological researchers, on and off campus.

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Researchers on site

13,000-year-old footprints?

Twelve single footprints were discovered in April in a layer of clay on a beach on BC's central coast—they could be the oldest human footprints in North America.

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Colby standing in front of an orca statue

The orca revolution

A UVic historian tracks the impact of this iconic species on our regional identity.

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Dynamic learning

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Vital impact

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Extraordinary environment

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India Field School for Applied Theatre

Intergenerational Theatre for Development is one example of the kind of community-engaged research happening at UVic, where undergraduates have the opportunity to take dynamic hands-on learning experiences beyond the traditional classroom and into communities around the world.

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