Student research

MA and PhD Theses

All completed MA and PhD theses can be found in the History Department's Institutional Repository in the library.

Honours Theses:


Baer, A: The Portrayal of Hitler, Nazis, and Nazism in American Animated Cartoons from the Second World War

Bradshaw, Z: What’s for Dinner? Social Mobility in Hannah Woolley’s The Queen-Like Closet; Or, Rich Cabinet

Chewter, E: An Unsettling Presence: Indigenous Spectres in Settler Ghostlore on Coast Salish Territories

Fraser, K: The Moralized Picturesque in England, 1730–1811

Gray, L: Trans Mountain 1953: Public Response in Alberta and British Columbia

Accola, M: “The Empire Traveller”: Purposeful Tourism in Western Canada, 1885-1914

Lang, D: The Log Export Question in British Columbia, 1865-1930

LeBere, K: Red Swans: The Transformation of Ballet after the Russian Cultural Revolution (1924-1937)

Marks, L: “Lady Macbeth of Bermondsey” and “The Thing Who Was Her Husband”: Gendered Representations of Maria and Frederick Manning

McClure, J: “His Body Was Vigorous and His Intellect Powerful:” Gendered Discourse in Two Early 20th Century British Columbia Textbooks

Mooney, C: “Accio Bibliographia”: The Use of Historiographical Methods in Fiction

Poulus, R: “Baneful Influences”: Racism and Canadian Drug Legislation Against Opium

West, H: The Historical Backdrop to the United States’ Relationship with the Syrian Kurds

Wu, A: The Hollywood Wartime Comedy American Comedy Film in the Second World War


Dagan, A: "These hard times gon' kill you": Black masculinity, racial and intimate violence and the blues in the Mississippi Delta, 1918-1945.

Finnson, A: "The Blood of a King Brings Joy:" Blood and the Execution of Louis XVI.

Kelerstein, A: Souvenirs from a Concentration Camp. The Holocaust Tourism Industry through a case study at the Dachau Memorial Site.

Powell, R: Memory and Memorialization: How War Memorials Shape Historical Narratives of Canada's Role in Military Conflict

Ruston, N: "There is a new drug in the schedule": The Mysterious Origins of Criminalized Cannabis.

Sydora, E: "Breaking News": An Analysis of Canadian Media's use of "Terrorism and Human Rights" Frames in the Coverage of the First Year of the Second Intifada.

van der Linden, R: Women after War: Jewish Women as Displaced Persons in Belsen, 1945-50.

Wardle, A: "The incurably sick will be pitilessly segregated": The Delayed Memorialization of the Deaf and Disabled in Postwar Germany.

Watson, M: Worried About the Misfiring: Mapping Lesbian and Bisexual Women's Erotic Agency and Identity Under Canadian Obscenity Laws.


Carter, S: "Justice in the Balkans: Developing International Law after Yugoslavia".

Crocker, J: "Unorthodox Professors: World War One in Videogames and on YouTube".

Gallegos Dupuis, M: "Egypt Before and After 2011: An Uncertain History of Revolution".

Gow, E: "Reconciliation in Theatres of Living History: Unsettling Fort Edmonton Park" - withhold until 2021.

Gray, J: "Not a Palestinian-Arab - Zionist Conflict: Deconstructing Canadian Support for the Partition of Palestine".

Grundmanis, S: Lunar Colonies and Nuking the Moon: Science fiction, Cold War anxiety and the U.S. Space Program". 

Lafreniere, K: ""Devils Clad in Flesh": The Significance of the Perceived Ranter Threat, 1649 - 1651".

MacAulay, W: ""A fit judgement for their intolerable wickedness":Settler Responses to the 1862 Smallpox Epidemic in Victoria".

McCreanor, K: "Constructing the 'Third Europe': The International Connections of Radical Nationalist Organizations in Western Europe 1960 - 1980".

Mollema, R: "German Youth 1900 - 1933 From Emancipation to Radicalization".

Reid, D: "Imperial or Settler Imperative? Indigenous Reserves as a Case Study for a Transcolonial Analysis of British Imperial Native Policy".

Rose, L: "Conscious Resistors: Peasant Agency, Hegemony and the Conflict over Collectivization in the Soviet Union".

Safton, B: "Growig Louder: The Environmental Movement in Clayoquot Sound, 1980-93".

Siemens, K: "Witnessing Internment: Captain V.C. Best's Letters to Ottawa"  

Strong, M: "Japanese Canadians and Internment: The Role of The New Canadian as an Agent of Resistance, 1941 - 1945".



Blair, D: "Fish, Oil, and Cucumbers: The Premiership of Brian Peckford, 1979-1989".

Cartwright, A: ""We the Ghetto People:" Perceptions of Rap Music and the Underclass Between the Late 1970s and Late1980s."

Deacon, D: "Fallen Women: The Popular Image of Female Suicide in Victorian England, c. 1937-1901".

Gagne, C: "A Not So Special Relatonship: Pierre Trudeau, Richard Nixon and the Reshaping of Canada-US Relationship between 1969 and 1974".

Jezierski, J: "The United States and the Evolution of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict".

Maher, Cé: "Remembering Kaufbeuren: Attitudes in Occupied Germany towards Mental Illness and the Nazi 'Euthanasia' programme".

Mann, S: "More than a Symbol: Historical and Historiographic Perspectives on the Mind and Faith of Louis Riel".

McKay, J: "Narratives of Death In Diaries and Memoirs of The holocaust".

Turkington, D: "Preserving "Paradise:" The Changing Face of Environmental Activism in British Columbia, 1980-1995".