Current Doctoral research


Kuo, Yen-Kuang
Dissertation title: "Versions of History: The February 28th Incident in Taiwan, 1947"
Advisor: Chen, Zhongping

Lyall, Gord
Dissertation title: TBA
Advisor: Colby, Jason

Mackay, Theresa
Dissertation title: TBA
Advisor: Vibert, Elizabeth

Osborne, Carla
Dissertation title: TBA
Advisor: Cook, Peter
Advisor: O'Bonsawin, Christine 

Vogt, David
Dissertation title: “In the Best Interest of the Indians”: An Ethnohistory of the Canadian Department of Indian Affairs, 1896-1913
Advisor: Lutz, John

Zhou, Kefen
Dissertation title: “Mission to Modernize: The Contributions of Canadian Missionaries in China.”
Advisor: Marks, Lynne S.
Advisor: Blue, Greg