Current Doctoral research

Bashir, Kamran
Dissertation title: "Muslim Scholarship of the Qur'an in British India, 1860-1940"
Advisor: Rippin, Andrew

Falconer, Thirstan
Dissertation title: “Defining the “New Politics”: the Liberal Party’s politicization of ethnocultural communities in Ontario, 1960-1980”
Advisor: Bryden, Penny

Fielding, Stephen
Dissertation title: “Sporting Multiculturalism: Postwar European Immigrants and the Grassroots Making of Canadian Diversity.”
Advisor: Stanger-Ross, Jordan

Harvey, Megan
Dissertation title: "Story People: The Narrative Dynamics of Land and Indigenous-State Relations in British Columbia"
Advisor: Lutz, John

Hunfeld, Christa
Dissertation title: "That hidden booke that is within you": Secrets, Codes and Ciphers in Seventeenth-Century England
Advisor: McKenzie, Andrea

Kempling, James
Dissertation title: “A City Goes to War”
Advisor: Zimmerman, David

Kidd, Patricia
Dissertation title: "Civility and Material Culture in the Long 17th Century"
Advisor: Devereaux, Simon P. R.

Krueger, Kurt
Dissertation title: "Gentlemen of the Road: Myths and Realities of 18th-Century Highway Robbery"
Advisor: McKenzie, Andrea

Kuo, Yen-Kuang
Dissertation title: "Versions of History: The February 28th Incident in Taiwan, 1947"
Advisor: Chen, Zhongping

Legassie, Joel
Dissertation title: "Knowing the North Country: Orders of Information in Modern Hokkaido, Japan, 1869-1941”
Advisor: Price, John

Murray, Derek
Dissertation title: A 'Colony of Unrequited Dreams?' Settler Colonialism and the Failed-Settlement Narrative in the Ottawa-Huron Tract, 1850–1910.
Advisor: Sager, Eric W.
Advisor: Baskerville, Peter A.

O'Shea, Iain
Dissertation title: "The British Public Discourse and the Reform of the Armed Forces, 1899-1914"
Advisor: Zimmerman, David

Semmens, Justine
Dissertation title: "The Body of a She-Devil: Symbolic Violence, Female Aggression, and Civility in France, 1550-1650"
Advisor: Beam, Sara G.

St. Pierre, Michelle
Dissertation title: "Forgotten Cataclysms: Natural Disasters and Culture in 20th-Century Europe"
Advisor: Saunders, Thomas J.

Surjan, Zsofia
Dissertation title: "Medical Practices at Aristocratic Courts in Central-Europe in the 16th and 17th Century"
Advisor: Lewis-Hammond, Mitch

Vogt, David
Dissertation title: “In the Best Interest of the Indians”: An Ethnohistory of the Canadian Department of Indian Affairs, 1896-1913
Advisor: Lutz, John

Zhou, Kefen
Dissertation title: “Mission to Modernize: The Contributions of Canadian Missionaries in China.”
Advisor: Marks, Lynne S.
Advisor: Blue, Greg