Lectures and workshops

Café Historique

Café Historique is a public lecture series featuring faculty from the University of Victoria. Held from October through to April each year, the talks take place in a convivial café setting and encourage the audience to engage with new ideas about how the past has shaped our present and future. A Café Historique is an opportunity to eat, drink, converse, make new friends, and have an evening to remember. To learn more, visit our Facebook page at


The Early Modern Research Collective (EMRC)

Supports interdisciplinary research, teaching and community outreach about all aspects of politics, society and culture during the time frame 1400 to 1800.

The City Talks

A Distinguished Lecture Series Sponsored by the University of Victoria's Committee for Urban Studies

Works in Progress

lecture series offers the opportunity for faculty, post-doctoral fellows, and sessionals, to discuss their ongoing research projects with colleagues and graduate students. We typically meet monthly throughout the winter and spring semesters.