Welcome to the Resources page, where you will find key information about the Graduate Program opportunities and support for incoming and current students. If you have any questions, please email the Graduate Adviser or the Graduate Program Secretary.

Graduate Adviser

The Graduate Adviser manages the various MA and Ph.D. programs on offer in the Department of English. He or she is the contact person for admissions, funding opportunities, course planning, exceptions to the programs, special circumstances, advice on committee configurations, help navigating the profession, and dealing with the requirements of both the Faculty of Graduate Studies and the department.

Dr. Adrienne Williams Boyarin is the current Graduate Adviser.

Office: CLE C308
Phone: 250-721-7260

Drop into her office hours (TWF 9:30-11:30/by appointment only from May-August).

Graduate Secretary

Dailyn Ramirez
Office: CLE C343
Phone: 250-721-6331