Follow the links below to find detailed information about the Department of English Graduate program (in the Graduate Handbook) and forms you may need as you progress through your degree program. If you have any questions, please contact the Graduate Advisor or Graduate Secretary.

Forms                                                        Graduate Handbook (716KB)

Graduate Advisor

All aspects of the Department of English MA and PhD programs are administered by the Graduate Advisor. The Advisor is the Chair of the Graduate Committee, which assists with admissions decisions, setting graduate courses, vetting award applications, student funding matters, and other processes related to students’ progress. The Advisor’s responsibilities include consulting with students on program planning, academic expectations, funding applications, and professional development. You may also contact the Graduate Advisor for assistance with navigating policies and requirements (whether of the department or the Faculty of Graduate Studies) and any special circumstances affecting your degree progress.

The Graduate Advisor holds regular drop-in office hours for graduate students during the fall and spring terms of the Winter Session (September-April). New students are encouraged to contact the Graduate Advisor for an appointment.

Dr. Adrienne Williams Boyarin is the current Graduate Advisor.

Office: CLE C310
Phone: 250-721-7260

Drop-in Office Hours: TWF 9:30-11:30 (by appointment only during the Summer Session)

Graduate Secretary

Office: CLE C343
Phone: 250-721-6331

Graduate Committee Members (January - December 2019)

Adrienne Williams Boyarin (Graduate Advisor, Chair)
Michael Nowlin (Department Chair, ex officio)
Misao Dean
Christopher Douglas
Sheila Rabillard
Raymond Siemens