After Applying

I applied. What next?

The Department of English responds to MA applications via email, normally in February, though final admissions decisions sometimes take until the end of March.

Initial offers to PhD applicants are also sent via email, normally in early February, though offers may continue throughout March (until all available spots are filled).

Applicants should check the email address listed on their application frequently: program spots are normally held for only two weeks. If offered admission, you will receive notification from both the Department of English and the Graduate Admissions and Records Office. The notification from English will include more detailed information about your offer and requires an immediate response.

If you receive admissions offers from other institutions before hearing from us, please notify the Graduate Advisor and inquire about the status of your application.

I got in! What next?

Your admission offer will come with a deadline by which you must make your decision about joining our program (usually two weeks from the date of the offer).

If you decide to join the UVic Department of English, we will be thrilled and welcome you warmly. The Graduate Advisor and Graduate Secretary will communicate with you about any questions you have and can connect you with other on-campus resources if necessary. You will also be welcomed by EGSS representatives, who can discuss a variety of campus-life topics with you.

Your acceptance status will remain "provisional" until Graduate Admissions and Records receives your completed official transcripts by mail

Once graduate courses are set for your incoming year (usually by the end of April), you will receive notification from the Graduate Secretary, along with information on how and when to register for classes. You may also be contacted around this time about available Teaching Assistant positions for upcoming terms.

By the summer before you begin the program, the Graduate Secretary will provide further information about student orientation events and resources (for late August and early September). It is a good idea to be resident in Victoria by late August.