How to apply

By January 15 you must complete an online application through Graduate Admissions and Records (GARO), upload all required supporting documents, and pay the application fee by credit card. All graduate-program applications are managed through GARO, and applicants are expected to check with GARO to ensure that they have up-to-date information. Incomplete applications cannot be evaluated by the Department of English. Part-time MA applicants have until August 31st to submit. 

Applicants to the CSPT Concentration submit only one application (to the Department of English) but must note the concentration on their application. Applicants must be admitted to English before CSPT will consider their application. 

The following constitutes a complete application:

  1. An online application form, specifying the program (MA or PhD) and, if applicable, concentration (e.g., CSPT).
  2. Non-refundable application fee: the 2023/2024 application fee is $137.00 (or $175.00 if any post-secondary transcripts come from institutions outside of Canada).
  3. Unofficial transcripts from every post-secondary institution attended (if you are offered admission, you will be required to submit official transcripts).
  4. Two letters of academic reference (when GARO receives your completed application, they will send assessment forms directly to your referees for electronic submission).
  5. A statement of intent. For MA applicants, the Statement should be one single-spaced typed page. Applicants should a) outline their area(s) of academic interest, including authors, thinkers, or phenomena in which they are particularly interested; b) describe their preparation for the program; and c) explain why UVic is suited to these plans. Take this opportunity to tell us something about yourself and especially what you are passionate about: what ideas, texts, trends, or traditions have animated your drive to pursue advanced study? For PhD applicants, the Statement should be two single-spaced typed pages. Applicants should indicate a) their field of study and specific area(s) of research interest; b) note the most important aspects of their preparation/training; c) describe a current research plan that will lead to and include a doctoral dissertation (but NOT propose a dissertation project per se); and d) explain why UVic is suited to the plan. (CSPT applicants should take  care to highlight preparation and research suitable to the CSPT Program.) Please note that for both MA and PhD applicants, we seek to admit students, not projects, so it is less important to lay out a precise plan of research than to describe your interests, passions, and plans.
  6. A 10–15-page double-spaced typed essay demonstrating strong academic writing and advanced literary and/or critical abilities. MA applicants who do not hold an Honours degree may submit two shorter essays if necessary.
  7. A Curriculum vitae: this should include details of your educational background, any relevant training, employment experience (academic or otherwise), awards and honours (academic or otherwise), publications (academic or otherwise), and any experience with leadership, teaching, and/or conference presentation.
  8. Proof of appropriate English language proficiency, if applicable: applicants whose first language is not English and who have not resided in Canada or any exempted country for three consecutive years prior to starting the program must demonstrate competency in English. For full information and a list of exempted countries, go to GAROs Language proficiency page.  

GRE scores are not required.