Indigenous Plan

In the Spring of 2015, there was agreement that the University of Victoria would develop its first Indigenous Plan.  Robina Thomas, Director of Indigenous Academic and Community Engagement, and Catherine Mateer, AVP Academic Planning (replaced by Dr. Nancy Wright, AVP Academic Planning as of July 1, 2016) co-chaired a planning process that was supported by a planning Committee that included:

  • Catherine Krull, Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences;
  • Patricia Marck, Dean, Faculty of Human and Social Development;
  • Rosaline Canessa, Associate Dean, Academic, Faculty of Social Sciences;
  • Charlotte Loppie, Professor, School of Public Health and Social Policy;
  • John Borrows, Professor, Faculty of Law;
  • Catherine MacGregor, Director, Office of Interdisciplinary Academic Programs;
  • Ruth Young, Director of the Office of Indigenous Affairs;
  • Samantha Etzel, Programs Manager, Office of Indigenous Affairs;
  • Dr. Rob Hancock, LE,NONET Academic Co-ordinator; and
  • Gina Starblanket, Graduate student.

The Planning committee developed a framework for the Indigenous Plan, informed by the current status of Indigenous student enrolment and programming at UVic, the goals, aspirations and concerns of Indigenous student and faculty, and the wishes and needs of Indigenous community members.  Framing documents include the university’s Strategic Plan, the Strategic Research Plan, the Truth and Reconciliation Report and Calls to Action, Universities Canada Principles of Indigenous Education, and other documents. The planning committee held a retreat in October 2015 to develop pillars of a draft plan, and to begin discussing objectives and actions that would support the goals of the plan.   

We have consulted with UVic’s Indigenous Academic Advisory Council, the Executive and Deans. We are pleased to share the Indigenous Plan approved by President Cassels in January 2017.  The Plan was presented for information to the Board of Governors in January 2017 and to the Senate in February 2017.  The Plan will be typset to meet the UVic brand guidelines in due course. 

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