Policy for completing distance courses internationally on a temporary basis

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Distance education courses are available to students who reside in Canada. We understand that extenuating circumstances occasionally occur, and in these cases students are required to inform the School (via their academic advisor) prior to any changes in living circumstances which may necessitate moving out of the country.

For students who need to temporarily reside outside of Canada due to extenuating circumstances, conditional permission to continue in courses may be granted on a non-precedent setting basis, with the following conditions outlined by the school:

1) The student will take full responsibility for all contacts with the School as the School is not able to absorb costs of overseas telephone or teleconference calls, or international postage.

2) The student will take full responsibility for obtaining all required course materials on time and is responsible for all costs related to obtaining these course materials. The student must contact the Bookstore directly with any questions related to shipping of materials.

3) A Canadian mailing address must be provided to the School. All mailed correspondence from the School, including return of graded assignments, would be sent to the student's Canadian mailing address only.

4) The student will require access to a computer and reliable high speed internet and will be expected to participate fully in online components of the course(s).

5) In granting permission to take courses while residing outside of Canada, the School will not be responsible for any delays in mail or electronic receipt of feedback from instructors that might ultimately affect the student's ability to apply/integrate instructor feedback in subsequent assignments.

The student is required to email their advisor with a brief note confirming that they are in agreement with the aforementioned conditions.

Policies table of contents