Academic standing and Professional conduct

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Academic Standing

BSW students in the School of Social Work must maintain a sessional GPA of 3.5 in both third and fourth years or they may be required to withdraw from the School. MSW students must maintain a sessional GPA of 5.0 in their program. 

Guidelines for Professional Conduct

The Faculty of Human and Social Development expects students to develop and adhere to a professional code of conduct. The faculty supports models for professional conduct based on the following guidelines:

• submission of oneself to a professional code of ethics

• exercise of personal discipline, accountability and judgement

• acceptance of personal responsibility for continued competency and learning

• willingness to serve the public, client or patient and place them before oneself

• ability to recognize the dignity and worth of all persons in any level of society

• willingness to assist others in learning

• ability to recognize one’s own limitations

• maintenance of confidentiality of information (including all electronic communication) appropriate to the purposes and trust given when that information was acquired

• acceptance that one’s professional abilities, personal integrity and the attitudes one demonstrates in relationships with other persons are the measure of professional conduct

Codes of Conduct & Unprofessional Behaviour

Students in the School of Social Work must adhere to the provisions of the CASW code of ethics and the code of ethics set out by the professional association in the province in which they reside. 

A student who has breached any of the above guidelines or fails to follow the Code of Ethics in any Social Work course may be:

a) required to engage in a course of action to address concerns; and/or

b) suspended from continued participation in the course prior to the course end date; and/or

c) assigned a failing grade (grade of F or N) for the course; and/or

d) asked to withdraw from the Social Work Program.

Students may also be required to withdraw from the School when ethical, medical or other reasons interfere with satisfactory practice.

(Revised June 21, 2016)