Office to Combat Trafficking in Persons - March 17, 2009 presentation

Human trafficking is a global problem and Canada is not immune. Canada has been identified as both a transit and a destination point for human trafficking, and Vancouver has been singled out by the U.S. state department as a port of major concern.

Due to the hidden nature of the crime, most human trafficking activities are undetected or unreported. Human trafficking is a serious violation of human rights. In British Columbia, human trafficking is recognized as a problem that cannot be ignored.

In 2007 British Columbia established the Office to Combat Trafficking in Persons (OCTIP). OCTIP is responsible for the development and overall coordination of British Columbia’s strategy to address human trafficking. OCTIP takes a human rights centered approach. This means that the rights and needs of trafficked persons are placed at the centre of all OCTIP work. In collaboration with other provincial ministries, federal departments, municipal governments, law enforcement agencies, and community organizations, OCTIP aims to eliminate human trafficking and build services for trafficked persons in British Columbia.

OCTIP is focused on the protection of trafficked persons and on the prevention of human trafficking. The Office will also assist law enforcement in the prosecution of human trafficking offenders.

The Office gave a presentation (PDF, 1.34 MB) at the UVic School of Social Work on March 17 in recognition of International Social Work Day.

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The Office to Combat Trafficking in Persons may be contacted at:

PO Box 9235, Stn Prov Govt
Victoria, BC V8W 9J1
Main office phone: 250 953-4970 / after hours phone: 250 812-7974
Fax: 250 953-4756