June 10th, 2020, we will #ShutDownAcademia and #Strike4BlackLives

ShutdownAcademia Image

In support for the anti-black racism shutdown, our office will be closed today and will stand in solidarity to confront this on-going tragedy in our world!  As a school, we ask that you consider your role in how you can walk and be in solidarity at this time – how will your lived experience change? How can you shift your learning, thinking and doing due to injustices in our world?  As a school, we want to contribute to transformation we can make as educators and learners.

To learn more about #ShutDownAcademia, please read this document or visit shutdownacademia.com.

Recommended reading: Miller J. (2020. June 5). Why the Black struggle in Canada has all but been erased. Two historians explain our blind spot. The Star

In peace and solidarity,

Wa – aixgwellas!


Jacquie Green, Director
School of Social Work