WSBC, Modified Duties Planning

If you have sustained a workplace injury that requires medical attention from a physician/health care provider, follow the steps below to guide your Modified Duties Planning.

1. When you meet with your physician/health care provider, please do the following,
  • Discuss your capabilities to participate in Modified Duties, modifications may include,
    • Reducing hours of work
    • Limiting specific movements
    • Limiting specific duties
  • Have your physician/health care provider document your capabilities,
    • The Functional Capabilities Form (FCF) is an easy way for your physician/health care provider to document your capabilities.
    • If there is a cost associated with the completion of the documentation you will be reimbursed by your department, with receipt of payment. 
  • Return the completed FCF or medical document, as soon as possible, to assist with the development of a medically supported, Modified Duties Plan.
2. A Modified Duties Plan will be developed with you to create a planned approach to remaining or returning to work. To ensure the plan is appropriate you will need to,
  • Participate in the development and implementation of the Modified Duties Plan.
  • Report to your manager if you have difficulty completing assigned duties.
  • Contribute to the regular review of your Modified Duties Plan with your union, your manager, and the WorkSafe Consultant.
  • Provide updated medical information when necessary to confirm your Modified Duties Plan supports your recovery.

 The WorkSafe Consultant will facilitate all aspects of Modified Duties Planning with you, your union, your physician/health care provider, your department, and WorkSafeBC.

 For more information on Modified Duties Planning through the Claims Management Program, please contact David Morgan at or 250-721-6379.