Request for medical accommodation

The first step is to alert your manager to the issue, if you haven’t already.

This step is not a requirement and if you are uncomfortable discussing the issue with your manager you may speak directly with the Work Life Consultant and should involve your RTW&A officer:

If possible, the limitations arising from your medical issue can be addressed between you and your manager, if not, either you or your manager can request support.

The Request for Accommodation form can be helpful for the discussion with your manager and to move the request forward if it cannot be resolved at the departmental level. This form does not replace medical information but provides details from your perspective.



What is a medical accommodation?

A medical accommodation is a measure to assist an individual who has demonstrated a medical need resulting in a reduced ability to perform or fulfill the substantive duties of a job.

Medical accommodations are developed when there is a request from an employee that is supported by appropriate medical documentation and allows for operational requirements to be met. Supervisors can also inquire with an individual if a medical accommodation is required.

A medical accommodation may be implemented in conjunction with a return to work plan or be requested while you are still working.

What does a medical accommodation look like?

A medical accommodation may include:

  • work site and job modification
  • work assessment
  • change the way a task is done
  • change routine or work schedule
  • acquisition of equipment and/or tools

What do I do if I need a medical accommodation?

As an employee it is your responsibility to:

  • establish in writing your need for a medical accommodation
  • discuss the request with your supervisor and physician
  • provide medical documentation regarding the functional impacts of the disability, injury or illness
  • cooperate with the university while they develop a medical accommodation

Any medical accommodation will be based on medical documentation provided by your physician. Your Work Life Consultant has a medical form for your physician to complete. The completed form will assist in the development of your safe and sustainable medical accommodation.

Physician's Certificate guidelines

Return to work

Please have your doctor complete the Physician’s Certificate to document their findings:

  • You are able to return to work full-time without any limitations.
  • You are able to return to work with modified hours and/or duties.
  • You are unable to return to work at this time and require staying off on sick leave (please have your doctor indicate a next assessment date).

Stay at work

  • You can use the Physician’s Certificate even if you have not been away on sick leave. Your doctor only needs to indicate your ongoing medical limitations (diagnosis not required) and that will suffice.

Off work

Your manager will send you the Physician’s Certificate to obtain some more detailed medical information (we do not need a diagnosis!).A medical note/Physician’s Certificate should contain:

  • Confirmation of an absence due to illness or injury.
  • Functional impact of the illness or injury where applicable.
  • Identify if a return to work is possible with modifications to the workplace or work tasks.
  • Prognosis for return to work or next medical reassessment date.

Primary Care Tip Sheet provides information on primary care options in the Victoria and Sooke area for staff who do not have a family doctor primary care provider. 

Forms and guidelines

Non-medical accommodation

If you require a non-medical accommodation please advise your supervisor.