Central Accommodation Fund

The Central Accommodation Fund has been established by the University to assist in the fulfilment of its legal duty to accommodate University employees with disabilities as regulated by the British Columbia Human Rights Code and to provide departments with a source of funds to assist in their provision of necessary and reasonable accommodations. 

The Central Accommodation Fund will be available to assist with the accommodation requirements of all University employees with disabilities and will be established under the stewardship of the Human Resources Department.  Employees who are in the process of seeking an accommodation for a disability must follow university procedures and work through the assigned Work Life Consultant

Departments are encouraged to contribute towards items or services purchased for a medical accommodation. Funding through the Central Accommodation Fund (CAF) is intended to support the accommodation of employees. Please review the terms of reference for more details.

If you require support through the CAF you will have to complete the request for reimbursement form and confirm that you have already reviewed other sources of funding (carry forward funds, equipment reserves, faculty/dept. reserve). If any funding is received through the CAF for equipment, that piece of equipment will be assigned to the employee for as long as they work at the university and will move with the employee if they transfer positions. The fund will not cover additional FMGT costs associated with furniture purchases (i.e. furniture move). The fund will not reimburse for items purchased or committed to in a previous fiscal year.

Please note, the CAF has limited resources and funding may be available as long as the fiscal year’s resources have not been depleted.

For more information on the administration of the fund please contact Boriana Tzatcheva, Program & Project Manager:  or 250-721-7464.