A message from the Dean

Stephan Evans, Acting Dean of Graduate Studies
Stephan V. Evans, Acting Dean of Graduate Studies

Welcome to the Faculty of Graduate Studies at the University of Victoria!

Our graduate students come from across Canada and the world, creating a truly outstanding environment rich in cultural knowledge and academic diversity that will enhance both your life experience and your academic credential.

Our world is a bit more challenging this year with the advent of COVID-19, but instruction and research are continuing at UVic under Safe Work Plans developed in cooperation with UVic’s Office of Occupational Health, Safety & Environment and consistent with provincial health mandates.

You can find links to the latest information related to COVID-19 on the FGS website, as well as our contact information, policies, and almost everything else you will need to know as a graduate student at UVic.

You can also follow us on Twitter to receive timely updates on the latest FGS news.

Everyone in the Faculty of Graduate studies is committed to helping you to make the most of your graduate education, including myself, three very talented and experienced Associate Deans, our Scholarship officers and Program Clerks, and more than 100 Graduate Advisors and Graduate Secretaries that administer our programs.

If you ever have questions, comments, issues or concerns, I encourage you to contact us at fgs@uvic.ca.  Our offices on the second floor of the University Centre (A207) are currently closed to protect students and staff from transmission of COVID-19, but we are all working remotely and available to serve you!

Stephen V. Evans, Ph.D.
Acting Dean of Graduate Studies