Undergraduate writing program

The Department of Writing's Major Program allows you to develop your writing skills in the imaginative genres of poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, screenwriting and playwriting. The writing major leads to either a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Fine Arts, depending on the non-program courses selected.

Professional writing minor

The Department of Writing offers the Minor in Professional Writing in Journalism and Publishing, emphasizing journalism, media studies and publishing. The goal of the program is to develop skills required to succeed as a professional writer in journalism, publishing, government or industry.

Major in writing and minor in professional writing

If you are interested in completing both the Major Program in writing (specializing in fiction, poetry, drama and/or creative nonfiction) and the Minor in Professional Writing in Journalism and Publishing, you should take WRIT 100 and WRIT 102 in your first year of study. Similarly, if you are not yet certain whether you would prefer to do a major in writing or a minor in professional writing or both, you are advised to enroll in WRIT 100 and WRIT 102 in your first year to keep all three options open.

Minor in Creative Writing

Curious about how writing can positively impact almost any career or creative path? Interested in expanding your post-graduation options? Why not combine a Creative Writing minor with your degree? Storytelling is one of the most fundamental and ancient ways of making meaning out of our world, and your ability to communicate is critical to success in life and work. The minor requires successful completion of WRIT 100 and WRIT 331, and 7.5 units of WRIT courses at the 300 or 400 level (excluding WRIT 315 and 321). Learn more about the program here.

Double majors

You may elect to complete a writing major as part of a double major program or a joint honours and major program (within the Faculty of Fine Arts or as an interfaculty program). If you are an applicant from high school intending to pursue a double major with a selective program, such as a music, theatre, or visual arts major, you should apply to the selective program directly and then request to declare writing as your second program with the Fine Arts Academic Advisor when first year is completed. Please note that different programs will have different application deadlines.

If you are a continuing UVic student registered in another program and intend to pursue writing as part of a double major, you should consult both your faculty academic advising office and the Fine Arts Academic Advisor well in advance of the January 31 application deadline for the Writing program.