Professional Writing Minor in Journalism & Publishing

Writing student Cormac O'Brien
Writing student Cormac O'Brien put his professional writing skills to use as the editor of UVic's Martlet student newspaper

The Department of Writing offers a Minor in Professional Writing in Journalism and Publishing. The minor equips students from all disciplines with the advanced writing skills essential to many top professions.

In addition to jobs in journalism, publishing and media production, the minor prepares students for careers in government, the corporate and non-profit sectors, public relations, podcasting, academic administration, web design, editing, and freelance writing.

Students will master the techniques of turning research into compelling stories and may choose from electives such as digital media production, arts writing, media studies, and the business of writing.

The minor also provides instruction to students outside the Faculty of Fine Arts in how to write about their disciplines for a broad audience.

The director of the professional writing minor is Deborah Campbell. Questions about the program can be directed to her at .

Professional writing co-op

Once you are enrolled in the professional writing minor, the professional writing co-op offers you the opportunity to apply your skills and gain paid work experience through the Humanities, Fine Arts and Professional Writing Co-op program.

While the co-op option is not mandatory, it is highly recommended. Priority for admission in certain courses will be given to those students taking the co-op option.

Program requirements

The following information is provided as general information for prospective Writing students and is subject to change. Current students should refer to the UVic Calendar for program requirements.

Before declaring a professional writing minor, you must take WRIT 102. Then you can declare your minor, and must complete 3.0 units of required journalism courses (WRIT 215315), 6.0 units of core electives in professional writing or creative nonfiction, and 1.5 units from a longer list of additional writing or English electives, for a total of 10.5 units.

Required or elective course units applied to the professional writing minor cannot be applied to another major or minor.

For a complete list of courses and requirements of the minor program, see the entry in the UVic Calendar.