Co-op and careers

Co-op is a great way to get paid, relevant work experience while earning your degree.

What makes the difference between getting a good education and having a great educational experience? Many would say it’s participating in UVic’s Co-operative Education program. By alternating in-class studies with paid co-op work terms in positions geared to a particular field of study, you can test-drive jobs, earn a salary, meet employers and gain relevant experience—all while earning your degree.

Co-op offers a unique approach to help you start building your career while you're still at university. It's designed to work around your academic courses, so you'll complement what you're learning in class with practical workplace experience.

A recent survey of Fine Arts graduates found that 85% of our alumni are satisfied with their jobs after graduation. That same survey found that 93% of alumni named "creative thinking and problem solving" key skills they learned, along with critical thinking (92%). And 91% of those surveyed said they had a positive experience with their fine arts education.

To help our students get a better understanding of the cultural sector, we offer a number of co-op placements each year, allowing students to work with for dozens of relevant businesses and organizations.

Wherever you wind up, your writing skills will provide you with essential tools for today’s rapidly changing world. Critical and creative thinking are central to our programs, as are critiquing and collaboration, and experiential learning is key to our approach. In writing, you learn by doing.

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