How to apply

Writing offers two options for co-op, depending on your program: there's co-op for writing majors, and co-op for those taking the professional writing minor (journalism & publishing). Both of these are part of the Humanities and Fine Arts (HUFA) Co-op program. 

To apply, simply drop off an application package to your co-op office, including the following items:

  • HUFA Co-op application form – Undergraduate form (pdf)
  • Cover letter – Introduce yourself and why you're applying
  • Résumé – Up-to-date and including extracurricular activities
  • Transcripts – Access your UVic transcript through MyPage

Application requirements and deadline

Undergraduate students:

  • Minimum B average (GPA 5.0)
  • Full-time student (minimum 6.0 course units per term)
  • Be registered in at least one of the following:
    • Degree program (BA, BFA, BSc, BMus) in the Faculties of Humanities or Fine Arts 
    • English Minor in Professional Communication 
    • Fine Arts Minor in Professional Writing 
    • Diploma in Intercultural Education and Training 
    • Cultural Resource Management Program 
    • Intercultural Education Program

Graduate students, please contact the co-op office for admission requiremements.

Annual application deadlines:

  • September 22
  • January 19

Your co-op office: