Tri-University Colloquium

Graduate students and faculty gathered at the 2018 colloquium.

A West Coast Community of Graduate Student Research
for Theatre and Performance 

The Tri-University Colloquium was born out of the recognition of a long-standing gap in collaboration, despite close geographic proximity, between students whose research is centered on theatre and performance at the:

Founded by Claire Carolan (UVic PhD Candidate) in partnership with Sandra Chamberlain-Snider (UVic PhD Candidate) the first Tri-U Colloquium was launched at UVic in April of 2015. Following colloquiums saw a significant (50%) growth in attendance and participants in 2016 at UBC, and the successful completion of the first full rotation at SFU in 2017.

Tri-U has hosted keynote speakers including UVic alumna Dr. Marlis Schweitzer (2016) and Dr. Laura Levin (2017), and provided an outlet for the inter-university sharing of over 35 academic papers, five performances and two ambles, one of which was published in CTR vol. 174 (Spring 2018).

This initiative has successfully opened graduate student research networks. To date, over 70 west coast-based theatre and performance researchers have attended and participated in the event. The Tri-U is gaining exposure on a national level and was invited to present its successful model for student-led conferences at the 2018 Conference for the Canadian Association for Theatre Research at Queen’s University.

This initiative is entirely student-led and funded through donations from various faculties and grad student societies at the three schools. The Tri-U Colloquium is grateful to UVic's Graduate Student’s Society, the Department of Theatre, and the Faculty of Fine Arts at UVic for their ongoing support of this event.