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Accountability & development

Learn how accountability will be upheld as the goals of the Equity Action Plan (EAP) are advanced and how this plan was developed.


Throughout the campus-wide engagement, we heard a lack of trust from the UVic community that this plan will lead to action. Based on this engagement, goal 5 of the EAP was developed to highlight the following priority:

  • Institutional accountability: Conduct ongoing, transparent evaluations of this action plan with continued opportunities for meaningful engagement and feedback with/from the community.

Throughout the fall of 2022, we are working to develop the EAP Accountability Framework that aligns with our ongoing commitment to equity-centred design.

While we recognize that specific actions in the EAP will need their own on-going evaluation and accountability processes, the EAP Accountability Framework will focus on reporting out on the high-level advancement of the university’s 5 universal goals.

Development process

Between January and May 2022, UVic conducted four phases of campus-wide engagement to create the EAP. During this time, the UVic community shared stories, experiences, advice and recommendations for building a more equitable university.

Engagement began by asking how we could best consult our campus community. This phase determined the methods of engagement used throughout the next phases (including online surveys as well as face-to-face meetings and peer-led discussions).

Next, we invited the UVic community to share what it would look like for equity, belonging and diversity to exist at UVic.

During phase 3, we asked our campus community to share their stories and ideas for solutions to the barriers they were experiencing.

Finally, a phase 4 survey gave the UVic community an opportunity to provide feedback on the draft EAP goals and determine priorities for action.

Engagement was co-led by the Reflection and Challenge Committee (RCC), a group of 25 diverse faculty, staff and students from across the university, and Equity and Human Rights.

Artistic responses

During the development of the EAP, RCC members invited student artists to respond to the ideas generated by the campus community about what equity, diversity and belonging could look like at UVic.

RCC membership

photos of committee members

The RCC was formed in April 2021. Through careful selection, 25 UVic staff, faculty and students were appointed* who:

  • are passionate, experienced in and/or prepared to learn more about equity, diversity, inclusion and anti-racism;
  • are connected to the UVic community through leadership roles, existing engagement practices, research, advocacy or social groups;
  • are willing to work together to consider the needs of the entire university and serve as justice, equity, diversity and inclusion champions; and
  • bring lived experiences and/or awareness of issue(s) related to equity, diversity, inclusion and anti-racism.

Considerations were also made to diversify the RCC membership by bringing together a range of lived experiences, perspectives and networks.

*Members were appointed as individuals not as representatives of specific unions or groups.

Students & alumni

Name Relationship to UVic (2021-2022)  Area of study 
Adaezejeso Ezeaku Alumni/staff (grant funded research assistant) Psychology
Mariel Hernandez Undergraduate student/University of Victoria Students’ Society (director of student affairs)  Political Science
Navinder Hundal  Undergraduate student  Biochemistry and Chemistry 
Lucas Hung Undergraduate student  Music 
Rachel Lachmansingh  Undergraduate student Writing 
Sarah Lachmansingh  Undergraduate student   Writing
Subodha (Su) Liyanage  Graduate student/staff (co-op placement coordinator)  Social Dimensions of Health 
Chelsea Thomas  PhD candidate  Education 


Name Relationship to UVic (2021-2022)   Department/unit
Kam Cheema Associate director, total compensation and recruitment  Human Resources
Zubaida Khan  Law student support coordinator  Faculty of Law
Mami Schouten  Equity diversity and inclusion research officer Vice President Research & Innovation
Orvis Starkweather Collection management systems coordinator  Legacy Art Galleries 
Xianjing Zhang Global engagement officer Office of Global Engagement


Name Relationship to UVic (2021-2022)   Department/faculty 
Moustapha Fall Assistant teaching professor  French
Rob Hancock

Assistant professor 

Associate director academic


Centre for Indigenous and Community Engagement 
Yasmine Kandil  Associate professor Theatre 
Phalguni Mukhapadhyaya Professor Civil Engineering
Maureen Ryan Associate dean academic Faculty of Human and Social Development
Georgia Sitara Assistant teaching professor


Gender Studies

UVic leadership appointed to the RCC

Name Relationship to UVic (2021-2022)
Jim Dunsdon Associate vice president student affairs
Kane Kilbey Associate vice president human resources
Susan Lewis Acting vice-provost
Pamela Richards Director of faculty relations and academic administration
Rachael Scarth Associate vice president research and operations
Qwul'sih'yah'maht Robina Thomas Vice president Indigenous/faculty member


If you want to know more about the EAP development or implementation, send us an email at