Research stories

Olav Krigoson Current Research showing EEG process

“If we do not learn, we do not survive,” says Olav Krigolson, a neuroscience education researcher, who studies how the mind learns and makes decisions.

NEȾOLṈEW̱: One mind, one people and 42 Indigenous languages

NEȾOLṈEW̱: One mind, one people and 42 Indigenous languages

Tim Black portrait

Tim Black's trauma resiliency program to change culture around PTSD

Pushing Privileged Pillars in Canadian Universities

Elaine J. Laberge, a student from generational poverty, completed her dissertation “Pushing Privileged Pillars in Canadian Universities.” This Vanier-funded community-based participatory research brought together women across Canada who come from poverty-class roots and who accessed an undergraduate education. Read more.

Moussa Magassa

Q&A: Moussa Magassa, PhD student in Curriculum and Instruction

Moussa Magassa is researching Islamophobia and the experiences of Muslim students on Canadian university campuses. His research will provide practical recommendations to universities to make their campuses welcoming and inclusive learning environments. Read more

Alexis Brown

Q&A: Alexis Brown, PhD student in Language and Literacy

Prior to starting her PhD, Alexis Brown was a high-school teacher working with youth in the justice system. She became interested in supporting and engaging students “at-risk” beyond the school walls. Her research explores how creating spaces for both Western and Indigenous knowledges in educational programs can lead to new dialogues and social change. Read more

One mind, one people photo

NEȾOLṈEW̱: One mind, one people and 42 Indigenous languages

NEȾOLṈEW̱, a new language revitalization project lead by Onowa McIvor, professor in Indigenous Education, and linguist Peter Jacobs at Simon Fraser University, will bring new life and strength to Indigenous languages in Canada. Engaging with nine Indigenous-led partner organizations representing 42 distinct languages, forming a learning and research network to strengthen efforts to revive Indigenous languages. The six-year project, supported by a $2.5 million Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) Partnership Grant. Read more

Tim Black

Q&A: Trauma Resiliency Program to change culture around PTSD

Tim Black, counselling psychologist and chair of our Educational Psychology & Leadership Studies department along with Alex Sterling, developed a new Trauma Resiliency Program (TRP) for serving members of the Canadian Forces, veterans and first responders who have been exposed to traumatic events. An innovative Operational Stress Injury program combining a group-based training program with the power of a team approach and trauma-resilient skills development. Read more

Zoe Huang working on Arduino board photo

From Teacher to Tech Influencer

Zoe Huang is currently researching Arduino boards, open-source microcomputer controllers allowing to create all sorts of do-it-yourself electronics. Thousands of beginners and professionals have used the technology for projects. Huang is exploring the potential for the technology's educational purposes. Read more