UVic Submarine Racing club Q&A 2020 May

Members of the Submarine Racing Club keep in touch over the summer with regular weekly meetings.

We chatted recently with members of the UVic Submarine Racing Club, who let us know what the student team is doing over this summer and what Fall 2020 has in store.

In a nutshell, what does your team do?

The club’s main goal is to design, build and race a human-powered submarine at the annual International Submarine Race. Our team also believes in the importance of networking between sponsors, employers and club members for future career opportunities. To achieve this, we strive to develop students’ research, technical and manufacturing skills.

How has your team been doing during since the pandemic started?

Our club has been doing its best to adapt during this challenging time. We’ve been staying in contact through weekly general meetings and focusing on the design and software aspects of our submarine.

Does your team have any work or activities planned for the summer?

Although we’re unsure if we will be able to do any form of physical in-person work this summer, the design process is a great experience for new members learning how to design aspects of the submarine. In addition, it’s always good to be prepared and we aim to be prepared to start back working in any capacity we can as soon as the university communicates to us that this is possible.

So, this summer, our main focus will be fourfold:

  1. Finalize our Design Report to submit to the European International Submarine Races.
  2. Finalize any remaining designs that would need to be machined in order to make our submarine – called Chinook III – fully functional.
  3. Complete all of our digital renderings so they can be compiled into a complete Chinook III that can be submitted to the European International Submarine Races.
  4. Use the completed renderings to conduct an analysis of the stability of the hull model. This will allow us to determine what needs to be adjusted in our hull design and amend that in our design for our next submarine hull.
Several team members wearing scuba gear are in a swimming pool with the racing sub.
Before the COVID-19 restrictions, the team tests its submarine.

Was your team able to do anything in lieu of the cancelled annual international competition?

The European International Submarine Races is aiming to organize two styles of competition for the 14 teams registered. We will first be competing in the Design Report category, as we would in the regular competition. For this, we will submit a report detailing every design aspect of the competition and how we arrived at this conclusion. If the platform can be established, we’ll also be competing in a virtual submarine race, racing a digital rendering of our new submarine Chinook III. The European International Submarine Races is also looking into the possibility of running an in-person competition in England in November.

How many team members do you currently have? In what disciplines?

Our team currently has 35 active members, the majority of them in Engineering – 29 in Mechanical Engineering, three from the Electrical Department and one in the Biomedical Program. The non-engineering students include our Business Lead, who is a History major, and a member of our electrical team, who is majoring in Computer Science.

What plans does your team have for the fall, given that courses are going to be largely online?

At the moment, we have a variety of possibilities for our team to work on, many of which will be carried over from the summer into the fall. These possibilities include: the design and/or building of a new submarine hull; completion of our current submarine Chinook III; and attendance at the European International Submarine Race in England in November. Each of these possibilities varies in its likelihood to take place, but we aim to be prepared for any eventuality. It’s our hope that this preparedness will allow us to get back to physical work as soon as possible.

What kind of specific activities are you considering?

It was our original plan to use the data collected from our current submarine – Chinook III – to design a new, more hydrodynamic submarine hull this fall. Although we will most likely be unable to get this current hull up to speed and collect the necessary data, we still aim to use digital simulations to collect some information that can then be used to design a new more stable submarine hull. The possibility, however small, of competing at the European International Submarine Races remains and we will be watching the reports from the competition closely as to the viability of this.

Will you be recruiting new members in the fall? How does an interested student get in touch?

Yes, we are always looking to recruit new members! Members from any discipline and year are welcome. For those looking to join, you can contact us at uvic.submarine@gmail.comat any time. We can also be reached through our website www.uvicsubmarine.com and our Instagram @uvicsubmarine.

What kind of members are you looking for?

We accept anyone who is passionate, willing to learn and excited about submarines!

What time commitment can new members expect?

New members are expected to commit what time they can. We understand everyone has their own activities going on and school commitments, so any time that can be contributed to the club is great!

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