Undergraduate students

Why study with us?

From creating video games to writing the software that sends rockets to space, computer scientists are involved. They combine mathematics and software engineering to solve the most cutting-edge problems in every field.

At UVic, dynamic learning is key. You can engage in hands-on research and apply your knowledge in the workforce through our optional co-op program. Participating in our community outreach activities, like HighTechU, is also a great way to get experience and make a difference.


Our flexible programs and our combined degree options let you study the subjects that get you excited.

BSc in Computer Science

Major, honours and minor degree programs are available. Specialize with one of the options that can be added to major or honours degrees:

Interdisciplinary programs

Combine your computer science degree with studies in geography, health information science, mathematics, music, physics, psychology, statistics or visual arts.

Software engineering

The Bachelor of Software Engineering is jointly offered with the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering. This program includes mandatory co-op and is accredited by the Canadian Council of Professional Engineers.