Name on diploma

It is important that you carefully consider the name you want to appear on your diploma. Some employers, licensing bodies, governments and other education institutions may question the discrepancy if the name on your diploma does not match the name you have provided to them or the one that appears on government-issued identification.

The name on your diploma must be your legal name but you can choose to make the following modifications:

  • Replace your first name with its initial
  • Replace your middle name with its initial or choose not to display your middle name
  • Include accents e.g. Zoë
  • Display an alternate legal name e.g. maiden name (with supporting documentation)

With the exception of accents, modifications you make to your legal name for your diploma will also be made to your student record and official transcript.  Also see Use of legal name

You will specify the name you want to appear on your diploma when you submit your application for graduation.  The Office of the Registrar may ask you to provide supporting documentation confirming the legal name change.

Including your Indigenous or traditional name on the diploma

If you are an Indigenous student you may choose to include your traditional name, along with your legal name, on the diploma.

As the application for graduation does not currently support many of the characters found in Indigenous languages, please submit your application for graduation without your traditional name and then send an email to stating your student number and your full name (including the traditional name) as you would like it to appear on your diploma.

Most indigenous characters can be reproduced on your diploma, but system limitations prevent us from displaying your traditional name on your student record or official transcript.

Changing the name on your diploma after graduation

If your legal name changes after graduation, you may request a replacement diploma. Your student record and official transcript will also be updated to display your new legal name.