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Centre director Afzal Suleman

Unmanned aircraft research flies high with funding boost

Since its launch three years ago, the Centre for Aerospace Research has become a Canadian leader in UAV research, design and testing.

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First Peoples House

A balancing act of water stewardship

Our unusually dry spring and summer is highlighting the need for careful water management at UVic, for both water conservation and wise usage.

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Colby standing in front of an orca statue

The orca revolution

A UVic historian tracks the impact of this iconic species on our regional identity.

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Borchers in his lab

The power of proteins

Keeping you healthy is a top goal of world-leading protein research at UVic.

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Peredo standing in front of a cactus

A journey through the Andes

Business professor Ana María Peredo is in the Andes, conducting field work on community enterprises and blogging about her experiences, both academic and personal.

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Committed to improving our lives

Tenor and educator Benjamin Butterfield, who is one of five recipients of a 2015 Craigdarroch Research Award, transforms young singers into emerging professional artists.

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Current faculty and staff



Strengthening internal communications at UVic

There's a growing commitment to enhancing the way we gather and share institutional knowledge at UVic. Learn more about a cross-campus project to strengthen internal communications at UVic.


UVic student reclaims banned Saanich fishery

Almost a decade ago, XEMŦOLTW̱ Nick Claxton told his family he wanted to revitalize the reef net fishery, a fishing practice unique to the Straits Salish people and banned by the colonial government 100 years ago. This became his PhD dissertation in curriculum and instruction at UVic—a research study to revitalize this practice that was nearly lost.

UVic to host powerful research computing facility

Thanks to new funding by the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI), the University of Victoria has been chosen as one of four hubs across Canada for what is known as advanced research computing—the hardware and software systems that enable researchers to store, analyze and mine massive pools of big data.

Ocean Networks Canada teams up with BC Ferries to monitor Canada's busiest waterway

The University of Victoria’s Ocean Networks Canada (ONC) recently expanded its world-class ocean observatories to include data collected from three BC Ferries.

UVic and TELUS introduce customized MBA

The University of Victoria and TELUS have announced an MBA degree customized for the telecommunications company. The two-year degree, with specializations in leadership and strategy, will be offered starting in October 2015.

Island Health funding fuels UVic research

Improving dementia care, stroke recovery and cancer support services are among the goals of eight newly funded projects involving University of Victoria health researchers. Each of the projects is receiving $15,000 from Island Health through its new Collaborative Research Grant Competition, which aims to strengthen ties between the health agency and its academic partners.  

Expert on Canadian senate and constitutional law

Jeremy Webber, Dean of Law, is available to media to discuss Stephen Harper's moves to reform or abolish the senate from a legal and constitutional standpoint, and how likely either is to happen.

UVic aerospace centre flies high with funding boost

The University of Victoria’s Centre for Aerospace Research (CfAR) has received new funding from Western Economic Diversification, which will give the centre the capacity to continue the development, commercialization and certification of next-generation Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). CfAR UAVs are currently undergoing design and testing for a wide variety of applications such as wildlife monitoring, agriculture, mining exploration using remote sensing technology, and search and rescue.

UVic osprey-cam offers a bird's-eye view

Thanks to a newly installed webcam, bird voyeurs can now sit at their computers and watch at their leisure the comings and goings of UVic’s resident osprey family, which nests in the athletic complex on the north side of campus.

New research provides policy pathway to ultra energy-efficient buildings for BC

New research by the Pembina Institute—commissioned by the University of Victoria-led Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions—demonstrates that ultra energy-efficient, “net-zero” buildings are within British Columbia’s reach if stronger policies that encourage energy conservation and renewable energy are put into place.