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Ribbon cutting at the rainbow crosswalk

UVic celebrates with Pride

On July 2, UVic unveiled a permanent rainbow crosswalk to celebrate Pride Week in Victoria and to affirm its support and commitment to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) community.

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Colby standing in front of an orca statue

The orca revolution

A UVic historian tracks the impact of this iconic species on our regional identity.

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Borchers in his lab

The power of proteins

Keeping you healthy is a top goal of world-leading protein research at UVic.

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Peredo standing in front of a cactus

A journey through the Andes

Business professor Ana María Peredo is in the Andes, conducting field work on community enterprises and blogging about her experiences, both academic and personal.

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Committed to improving our lives

Tenor and educator Benjamin Butterfield, who is one of five recipients of a 2015 Craigdarroch Research Award, transforms young singers into emerging professional artists.

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Lynda logo now available to faculty and staff is an online inventory of over 128,000 video tutorials on a wide variety of topics, including software, technology, design, creative and business skills.

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Current faculty and staff



Strengthening internal communications at UVic

There's a growing commitment to enhancing the way we gather and share institutional knowledge at UVic. Learn more about a cross-campus project to strengthen internal communications at UVic.


Kids and summer brain drain

As summer holidays start, clinical neuropsychologist Sarah Macoun of UVic's Department of Educational Psychology and Leadership Studies is available to discuss how to combat summer learning loss and who’s most at risk.