Guidelines for filming on UVic campus

If you are considering filming on the UVic campus, regardless of purpose, there are procedures in place to protect you and the university from liability and to consider privacy of our neighbours and UVic community members.

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General guidelines

  • All drone use must receive approval ahead of time.
  • No major set construction or alteration of buildings is allowed. 
  • Locations must be returned to their original condition.
  • Minimize disruption to classes, activities and campus community.
  • Obtain model releases for individuals who are recognizable in your shots.
  • These guidelines do not apply to filming using a small handheld camera or phone for strictly personal use (with the exception of drones).

Communicable disease plan

UVic is committed to providing safe and healthy environments for all members of the university community. 

The communicable disease (CD) plan outlines the ongoing prevention measures that everyone needs to follow, as well as enhanced safety measures to ensure a safe transition to a full return to on-campus activities. The CD plan aligns with guidance from the BC Restart plan and the updated post-secondary Return-to-Campus (RTC) Public Health Guidance, and follows WorkSafeBC requirements.

The updated CD plan includes enhanced safety measures recently implemented by the university and other post-secondary institutions in collaboration with public health. 

Download the UVic communicable disease safety plan.

For students, staff or faculty members

Indoor filming

  • If you require a classroom, lab or lobby area, contact Room Bookings.
  • Determine locations in advance in order to ensure availability. Dates and times must be specified.
  • For indoor areas that are not classrooms, labs or lobbies, contact the person responsible for each building, for example the Deans’ office or the general office.
  • Ensure you have explicit permission to film individuals who are recognizable in the shot.
  • Minimize disruption to classes, activities and campus community.

Outdoor filming

  • For outdoor locations, you should contact with minimum five business days lead time.
  • Do not impede access to buildings in any manner and do not disrupt classes and university operations. Permission must also be obtained from the building occupants to ensure there is no conflict when filming exteriors.

Flying a drone on campus

If you plan on flying a drone on campus (regardless of your license or weight of drone), contact for necessary insurance coverage and approvals. Allow minimum five business days lead time.


For production companies

If you are a for-profit production company wishing to use UVic as a location for your production, contact the Farquhar Film Liaison office.

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