Filming at UVic

UVic campus
The University of Victoria campus is situated on the breathtaking West Coast of British Columbia.

In support of the province’s film industry, UVic periodically permits the use of its facilities for productions which do not interfere with the standard operation or activity of the university or the learning environment for students.

Film Liaison Office

The Farquhar Auditorium has been appointed the Film Liaison Office for the University of Victoria. Request to film on any premises owned by the University of Victoria must be made to, and approved by, the Film Liaison Office, who will assist in coordinating internal resources required for the project. The Film Liaison Office is responsible for protecting the University’s interests, managing film agreements, and logistics for filming on campus.

All location scouting and filming logistics will be coordinated between the Film Liaison Office and the appropriate personnel for the locations requested. Arrangements should not to be made with building occupants or any other entity on campus.


An hourly fee of $75 will be charged during location scouting, ongoing correspondence, time required for internal logistics and time on-site during filming.

This does not enable or constrain any other filming on university property that may be initiated as part of a course, program or activity of a university unit. In these situations, the Film Liaison Office must be made aware of the filming planned to ensure appropriate communications with on campus resources and services.


More information:  or 250-721-6561.