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Jumpstart Your Job Search

Two students are posing happily on a tree stump, with mountains and forest in the background.

Find a job you love

Congratulations—it's the end of the school year! 

Whether you’re graduating this summer or looking for a summer job, we’re here to help!

Don't worry—it's normal to be unsure, so we've put together all the resources you need to take the next step.

Plus: Whether you are looking for summer work or a job post graduation, you can continue to access our career help and resources forever as a student and an alumnus!

Explore options

  • Take the quiz to learn about your career motivators.
  • Exploring summer job options? Take part in Navigator, a program to help you search for work. 
  • Looking for your first career job? Sign up for Horizons, a program that helps you learn what you’re looking for in a career. 

Write applications

We have more than 100 online resources to help you:

Get support

Did you know you have a dedicated career educator who specializes in your area of study? You can connect with your career educator any time, including after you graduate.

Your career educator can help you:

  • discover what types of careers would be a good fit for you
  • develop your interview and networking skills

Alumni info

New graduates are part of the UVic alumni community. UVic Alumni Relations runs many programs to help you stay connected. Plus, you can continue accessing career support, even after you graduate.

Posting boards

Start by looking for postings on the Co-op and Career Portal

Know what area you want to work in? See the industry-specific job postings tab for tons more employer ideas, including more employers for tourism, parks and recreation.

Co-op and Career does not review or approve individual posting sites or opportunities.