Plasma car races


The legendary PlasmaCar Races took place on Tuesday, Nov. 6 in the Michèle Pujol Room, Student Union Building. This year's event raised $5,904.05 through pledges and raffle ticket sales. Congratulations to the prize-winning teams:

  • Race winners: A Massacre of Martlets - Ceremonies and Events
  • Fundraising pledge trophy: Fast Accounts and Furious Fundraising / Living on the Edge - Vice-President Finance and Operations
  • Team Spirit Award: The Plasma Suckers #We Suck – Alumni Relations

Cliff LeQuesne of 100.3 The Q once again emceed this year's race. His energy, enthusiasm and good humour always contribute to the success of the event.

Thanks to everyone who came out to support and cheer on the teams. It was a very successful year!


It was wonderful to be in attendance at this great tradition at UVic. The intense competition gave entirely new meaning to what happens after the engines are started. We observed extraordinary balance, speed barriers being broken and a great deal of cheering and joy amongst the competitors and the large crowd. We at the United Way and especially the community we support, are supremely grateful for your participation and generosity. Thank you to all involved. 
Mark Breslauer - Executive Director, United Way Greater Victoria

About plasma cars

The PlasmaCar is a state-of-the-art ride-on toy that harnesses the natural forces of inertia, gravity and friction to propel itself. These mechanical marvels are so easy to operate that you simply tuck your feet up, rotate the steering wheel from left to right, and you're off to the races!


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