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Connect to SFG clients: Mac OS X

Professors may use SFG clients to share resources such as course syllabi, handouts, and readings with their students. Additionally, it may be used as a drop-box for digital assignments. All of the Mac workstations in UVic's computing facilities have SFG clients mounted on the desktop, but you can also connect from your personal laptop or home computer, even from off-campus.

Before connecting to SFG clients on your personal computer, ensure you

  1. From the Finder menu, click the Go menu and select Connect to Server....
  2. Type smb://, then click Connect.
  3. Select Registered User. Enter UVIC\, followed by your NetLink ID. Enter your password and click Connect.

  4. Choose SFGclients from the list of volumes.

  5. The selected drive will now be mounted on your desktop. Click on the icon to open SFG clients and browse your files.