Classroom booking policies

University Systems is responsible for overseeing the scheduling of 14 bookable computer classrooms in the Business and Economics, Clearihue, and Human and Social Development buildings and the McPherson Library.

Scheduling requests

All room booking requests should be made using the course scheduling or event booking forms. Requests with incomplete information may be delayed. Throughout the timetabling process, the help desk will work with each department to make the best effort to room sections based on the day(s), times, room capacities, and computer hardware and software requirements indicated. We will attempt to accommodate other requests (such as preferences for a specific building or classroom layout) on a secondary basis.

Minimum notice: Please give a minimum of two business days notice for room booking requests to allow us to ensure that there are no conflicts and to update our schedules.

Eligible booking agents: UVic faculty and staff are eligible to request academic and non-academic bookings.

Academic priority classrooms: The primary purpose of the computing facilities in the Clearihue, Business and Economics, and Human and Social Development buildings is to provide instructional space for academic courses. Therefore, we prioritize bookings for lectures, labs, seminars, and tutorials for courses with CRNs. We will process other booking requests one month before the start of the session.

Limits on weekly hours booked: No more than six hours per week may be booked for any one course section, event, or study without permission from the Manager, Computer Help Desk.

Staff support: The Computer Help Desk provides on-site support for all of Systems’ computer classrooms and drop-in computing areas. During the posted operating hours for the computing facilities, there are no charges for staff support. Bookings made outside of our regular operating hours are subject to the availability of additional staff, and will be charged a $25 per hour staffing fee.

Reading break and exam periods: Weekly academic bookings will not include reading break and final exam periods. Tutorials, labs, and exams held during these times must be booked separately as one-time (casual) events.

Guest access: All UVic students, faculty, staff, and affiliates can log in to facility workstations using their primary NetLink IDs. Access for guest lecturers and participants can be provided in advance using the Affiliate ID Management System (AIMS) at no cost.

If you need to make other arrangements for guest access, please contact the Computer Help Desk at two business days prior to your booking. Charges for this service may apply.

Room booking fees: No room booking fee will be charged for internal academic and non-academic bookings, provided they do not generate revenue (including admission, tuition, and conference attendance fees, but excluding regular tuition and student fees charged for credit courses in degree-granting programs). Room booking fees for external events and events that generate revenue will be assessed by the Computer Help Desk. Contact for an estimate.

Instructor and class conduct: It is the responsibility of the instructor or requestor to abide by and enforce the computing facilities’ rules on food and drink consumption, equipment tampering, and university policy while class is in session.


If you will not be using a room at a booked time, notify at least two business days in advance. That way, the room can be made available for other courses, events, or drop-in use. If notice is not given, all booking, labour, and staffing fees will be charged.

A classroom will be held for 15 minutes after the beginning of the booked period unless prior arrangements have been made through . If, after 15 minutes have passed, the room is not in use, it will be considered a no-show and reopened for drop-in use.

If a classroom booked for a particular course section or event is unused three times without notice of cancellation, the remainder of the booking may be cancelled with notice and your ability to place future bookings may be impacted.

Setup and software requests

Requests: Wherever possible, note any software or special setup you require in your room booking request. Requests can also be submitted separately by email to . Please note what course and when you need the software or setup for.

Maintenance windows and deadlines: We typically reimage our classroom and drop-in workstations to add and update software the week before the beginning of each term and during reading break. Software requests should be submitted a minimum of two weeks before the maintenance cycle during which the software is to be installed. We may be able to fulfil late software requests on a room-by-room basis, subject to a labour fee.

Software testing: As we are not able to test the full functionality of all installed software, we strongly recommend that instructors work with us to test software installations and ensure that their assignments and activities can be completed.

Software licensing: Any software to be installed in the computing facilities must be properly licensed for the intended use and number of concurrent stations or users. It is the responsibility of the requestor to provide proof of appropriate licensing. For software to be available throughout the facility, we require a site license or concurrent use licenses that support network license management.

Labour fees: A $75 per hour labour fee may be applied for extraordinary setup requirements such as:

  • Reimaging a classroom before and after the event with a custom software image
  • Providing guest NetLink IDs
  • Installing software after the maintenance period has passed
  • Setup required outside of normal business hours

Fees will not typically be applied to adding software to the general software images during maintenance periods (one week before the start of the session and reading break).