Social psychology stream

Social psychology examines the connections between aspects of people’s psychology–like attitudes, goals, values, group memberships, self-identity, culture and personality–and their social contexts and natural environments.

You’ll learn about theories that explain and predict people’s social thinking, motivation, feelings and behaviours in their social and natural worlds.

Courses in this stream will help you develop skills essential for careers in psychology-related disciplines and many other career and life pursuits. You’ll learn about:

  • Social-psychological approaches to leadership, mentoring, team work and co-operation.
  • Evidence-based methods of self-motivation, coaching, goal setting and self-regulation.
  • Communication and conflict resolution skills.
  • Sensitivity to diversity.

Stream progress

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Second year

PSYC 231

Introduction to Social Psychology

Pre-req: 100A & 100B

Third year

PSYC 375

Interpersonal Relationships

Pre-reqs: 201 and 231

PSYC 385

Motivation, Emotion, & Wellbeing

Pre-reqs: 201 and one of 231, 243, 251, 260

PSYC 386

Culture and Society

Pre-reqs:  201 and 231

Fourth year


Social Cognition

Pre-reqs: 300A and two of 330, 375, 385, 386

Pre-req or co-req: 300B.


Self-Regulation & Goals

Pre-reqs: 385 & 300B


Interpersonal Relationships

Pre-req: 300A, 375 & one of 320, 330, 385, 386

Pre-req or co-req: 300B.


Psychology & Law

Pre-reqs: 300A and two of 320, 325, 330, 332, 333, 334, 375, 385, 386

Pre-req or co-req: 300B.


The Self

Pre-req: 300A and two of 320, 330, 375, 385, 386

Pre-req or co-req: 300B.