Undergraduate adviser

The Undergraduate Adviser for the Department of Psychology is a faculty member assigned to help students who are pursuing a degree in Psychology.

The Undergraduate Adviser can also discuss post-graduate plans and graduate school options, although formal career counselling is not part of this role.

Students interested in receiving more extensive evaluative and counselling assistance are directed to the Career Services Office: careers@uvic.ca 250-721-8421; Campus Services Building, room 110 (view map)

The Undergraduate Adviser can assist with the following:

▪   course selection

▪   course & unit credit requirements for a Psychology degree

▪   meeting prerequisites for psychology courses

▪   acceptable alternatives for meeting pre-requisites and course requirements (e.g., distance education, courses taken at other institutions)

▪   issues regarding awarding of transfer credits or transfer credits associated with student exchange courses

▪   program options such as Honours or Co-op

▪   clarifying information in the Academic Calendar about attaining a degree in psychology

▪   determining whether a person is ready to declare a major in Psychology or to graduate

▪   challenges or concerns with specific courses or in meeting the requirements for a psychology degree

Course Registration Assistance

For assistance with course registration (e.g., unable to register because of a "pre-req block" when pre-requisites are completed by transfer courses) please use the following pre-requisite waiver request form https://www.surveymonkey.ca/r/psyc-course-waiver

How to Declare Your Program in Psychology
Students are encouraged to declare their programs as soon as they have met the requirements for that program. Program declarations can be changed later (e.g., from the Psychology BA program to the BSc program) provided the requirements for the new program are met in advance.

Students who are planning to graduate must declare their program by submitting a Record of Degree Program (RDP) form to the Academic Advising Centre. Record of Degree Program forms are available for pick-up at The Academic Advising Centre or for download online. Before submitting the form, please make sure that you have a minimum 12 units of completed course work, and that you have satisfied the University English Requirement. In addition, you must have met all grade requirements for your program.

Psychology Honours Program

You must apply to the Honours Program via our application process (honours.uvic.ca).  Applications are accepted starting February 1 of each year for September entrance.  If you have questions about the Honours program, please contact the Honours Advisor (Dr. Stuart MacDonald)

Student Exchange Programs
Formal application to a Student Exchange Program is done through the International Student Services (ISS) office at the University Center, Room A205, email icsinfo@uvic.ca.

Co-op Programs

Formal application to the Co-op Program is through the Social Science Co-op office at the Social Sciences & Math Bldg., Room A204, . You can also contact Dr. Frederick Grouzet the Psychology Co-op faculty liaison at , 250-721-7537 or Cornett A253.

Additional Resources
UVic offers a wide variety of resources to support students’ success and wellbeing. Counselling Services offers individual and group counselling and provides a variety of learning skills programs, career counselling, and peer helping (see http://www.coun.uvic.ca/ ).

The Learning and Teaching Centre (LTC) runs the Centre for Academic Communication, which helps students become better writers (see http://www.coun.uvic.ca/ ). See http://ltc.uvic.ca/students/resources/index.php for a wide-ranging list of support services.

The Department of Psychology's Undergraduate Adviser is Dr. David Medler.

Phone: 250-721-6108  Email: psycadv@uvic.ca

Students are asked to make initial contact with Dr. Medler by email (psycadv@uvic.ca). Most issues can be resolved without a meeting.

Advising Hours: (May - August 2024)

Wednesday 9:30am – 10:30am, Thursday 2:00pm – 3:00pm