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Bonnie Leadbeater: Wildfires add to stress during pandemic

Wildfires add to stress during COVID-19 pandemic on Vancouver Island (CHEK News) CHEK News spoke to experts Bonnie Leadbeater and David Atkinson about various implications of the smoke drifting to Vancouver from the California and Washington wildfires. Atkinson explains how environmental shifts are leading to more extreme dry seasons and greater impacts, and Leadbeater discusses how air quality issues are compounding mental health strains.

Paterson, Turner: Impact of pandemic on mental health

UVic researchers study impact of global pandemic on mental health (Times Colonist) UVic researchers are leading the Canadian portion of an international collaborative research project examining the global impact of COVID-19 on mental health. Theone Paterson shares some key elements of the Canadian aspect of the survey study which is being co-led by Brianna Turner. Additional coverage: Expert Q&A on COVID-19 and mental health impacts (UVic News)

Stephen Lindsay: Conspiracy Theory

The Destructive Conspiracy Theory That Victoria Unleashed Upon the World (The Capital) The Capital, a local news source edited by former National Post reporter Tristin Hopper, explores the historical impact of harmful conspiracy theories and specifically focuses on the story of Michelle Proby. Stephen Lindsay comments on the nature and weaknesses of memory and how these can contribute to the creation of false memories.

Theone Paterson, Brianna Turner on CFAX

International mental health research (CFAX Radio) Theone Paterson joins CFAX Radio to talk about a new international collaborative research project which examines the global impacts of COVID-19 on mental health. Paterson comments on the Canadian aspect of the survey study which is being co-led by Brianna Turner. Additional coverage: Expert Q&A on COVID-19 and mental health impacts (UVic News)

Bonnie Leadbeater: We could handle this better

'We could handle this better': expert says B.C. needs to beef up COVID-19 message to youth (CHEK News) Following a recent spike in COVID-19 cases for BC's youth aged 20 to 29, CHEK News spoke to Bonnie Leadbeater who says that blaming young people for being careless is not the right approach. Leadbeater urges the province to direct more specifically applicable health guideline messaging towards youth.

Robert Gifford: Will COVID-19 Help Climate Change

The New Reality: Will COVID-19 help flatten the curve on climate change? (Global News) Environmental experts argue that the COVID-19 pandemic may actually save lives by improving air quality around the world. Robert Gifford says this global disruption provides governments and the public with a unique opportunity to address the climate crisis.

Jim Tanaka: Video Game Environments for Autism

Student developers aim to create a game for children on autism spectrum (Washington Post) A Montreal-based entertainment company has partnered with aspiring student developers to create a game for children living with autism. Jim Tanaka says video games provide environments that are more stable and predictable than the real world for those on the spectrum of autism.

Robert Gifford: Dragons of Inaction

Les « dragons de l'inaction », ces obstacles psychologiques à la lutte pour le climat (Radio-Canada) Radio-Canada features an interview with Robert Gifford about the "dragons of inaction" a term he coined to reference the psychological barriers of climate change. Gifford also discusses what COVID-19 can teach us about our collective capacity for change and other topics from the new podcast miniseries "Scales of Change: A field guide to the Dragons of Climate Inaction" from Future Ecologies. Additional coverage: Scales of Change: Q&A with creators of new climate action podcast (UVic News)

Catherine Costigan: Made in BC Approach Working

'Made in B.C.' approach appears to be working during pandemic (CHEK News) BC's response to COVID-19 has proven to be effective and the province plans to maintain a slower approach to reopening. Catherine Costigan believes people are able to maintain safety protocols for extended periods of time when given credible evidence and a good rationale.

Bob Gifford: Don't Blame the Covidiots

Don't blame the COVIDIOTS, blame the messengers: Why some people don't take the pandemic warnings seriously (National Post) Some Canadians are still not taking the pandemic warnings seriously. Robert Gifford says human brains are wired towards optimism. This front-page article in today's National Post also appeared in the Vancouver Sun, the Province and in more than 30 other publications

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State of mindfulness

December 12, 2019 - News

For three years, Faculty of Humanities Dean Chris Goto-Jones has been teaching a free, online course through Leiden University called Demystifying Mindfulness. More than 112,000 people have so far enrolled in the massive open online course (MOOC). Here, Goto-Jones explains the origins, contemporary interest and the continuing evolution of mindfulness in the health sector.

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Zoom - Morning Meditation

Join me (Henri) for a morning meditation on-line to get you ready for the day, and tosupport you own daily meditation practice.

UVic Master of Management Webinar

Zoom - Heart to Heart Talks

Need direction for your day-to-day challenges? Take some time out of your busy schedule for yourself and discuss what 's important to you.

Industrial symbiosis: a key plank in a circular economy

Timo Makinen, of the National Industrial Symbiosis Program (NISP) Canada, discusses themany benefits of the NISP model for delivering industrial symbiosis, including waste reduction, improved resource efficiency, less materials sent to the landfill, fewer GHGs and air pollutants, andmore.

Spirit Walks

Drop-in, and enjoy fresh air, conversation, and walking meditation. Meet outside the Multifaith Centre rain or shine. Please bring a face mask for when social distancing of 2 m can not bemaintained.

Statistics Seminar: Geo-dependent individual-level models for infectious disease transmission

Speaker: Rob Deardon, University of Calgary
Location: via Zoom
Event type: Statistics seminar

Zoom - Grief Support Group

The death of a loved one can be overwhelming. Loss is a universal event, yet grief is an individual experience. The purpose of this group is to explore the role grief plays in our healing process. * Group participation requires a referral from a counsellor.

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