Co-op students reading to children outdoors
Co-op students Patrick Dwyer and Kailtin Aarma worked with the literacy-based anti-bullying program, which encourages young students to "Walk away, Ignore, Talk it out and Seek help."

What is co-op?

Co-operative education (co-op) is a learning strategy that lets you:

  • Alternate your academic studies with paid, relevant work experience in your field of study
  • Enrich your academic studies by drawing on practical, real-world experience from your work terms
  • Develop competencies to excel in the workplace

Visit the psychology co-op website for details on admission requirements and how to apply.

Questions? Contact Jennie Nilsson, Psychology Co-op Coordinator at or 250-721-8969. Or contact the psychology department’s co-op faculty liaison Dr. Martin Smith at , 250-721-8597 or Cornett A270.

You can also "Ask a Co-op Student" for a student’s perspective on Psychology Co-op: email Luan at .