Psychology Clinic

Cornett building
The Psychology Clinic is located in the Cornett building on the UVic campus.

The Psychology Clinic in the Department of Psychology, University of Victoria, is a training facility for clinical psychology graduate students.

As part of this training, we provide professional psychological services to the community, including assessments and therapeutic interventions for children, adults, couples and families. Services are provided by students in the M.Sc. and Ph.D. clinical psychology programs under the supervision of registered clinical psychologists.

The Psychology Clinic seeks to provide intensive applied training experiences for graduate students, as well as effective, ethical, and economic psychological services for the community.

  • Our Mission: To work with individuals and communities to improve health. We provide care, educate, conduct research, and advocate.
  • Our Vision: To foster healthy individuals and communities by applying specialized psychological knowledge in a teaching outpatient clinic setting.
  • Accountability: We are responsible for providing superior client-centered services in a manner that shows recognition of effective resource management and modeling of professionalism to student-trainees. All services are provided with consideration of the practice standards set by the College of Psychologists of British Columbia (CPBC).
  • Respect: Our services, relationships and actions convey our values of integrating compassion and caring with the highest training ideals in the professional preparation of clinical psychology graduate students.

Masks are encouraged, but not required, when visiting the clinic for an appointment.

The Psychology Clinic provides a range of services for the following populations:

  • Adults (age 19+)
  • Adolescents (age 12+)
  • Children (age 6+)
  • Couples
  • Families

Diagnostic assessments: We offer psychosocial, psychoeducational and neuropsychological assessments. The purpose of these assessments is to provide diagnostic clarification, an understanding of each individual's unique situation, and recommendations for appropriate interventions.

Psychotherapy: We offer psychotherapy to individuals, couples and families with the goal of assisting individuals to gain greater insight into their problems, cope more effectively with personal stresses and interpersonal conflicts, and achieve behavioural goals. We strive to provide empirically-supported interventions whenever possible. Typically, these are 8-12 weekly sessions, approximately 50 minutes long.

Please note that the Psychology Clinic is not able to respond to the needs of individuals requiring psychiatric hospitalization, treatment of severe substance use, or immediate help in a major crisis. Generally we are also unable to help individuals with current or upcoming litigation or legal issues.

Special Training Considerations: The Psychology Clinic has the dual purpose of serving the community and training clinical psychology graduate students. As a result, all assessments and therapy sessions are video recorded so that registered psychologist supervisors can review them for accuracy and supervision purposes.

The Psychology Clinic is accepting referrals for:

  • Adult psychoeducational assessments: individuals may be referred by a physician or health care professional, or they may self-refer by completing the Adult psychoeducational assessment referral form. Please see the Psychoeducational assessment information sheet for more information. 
  • Adult psychotherapy: individuals may be referred by a physician or health care professional, or they may self-refer by completing the Adult psychotherapy referral form.
  • Neuropsychological and specialized assessments, individuals must be referred by a physician or health care professional. Please ask your physician to contact our clinic for the referral form. 

The Psychology Clinic aims to be of service to the community within the limits of its staffing capacity. At times we may have long waitlists for some services and we may recommend that you seek services elsewhere.

Our ability to provide services varies depending on course offerings, practicum student enrollment, and the availability of supervisors. Following are estimates of our current wait times. We try to update this information as often as necessary.

Clinic wait times - updated: February 13, 2024:

  • Psychotherapy (Adult): 3-7 months
  • Assessment (Adult Psychoeducational): 2-6 months
  • Assessment (Child Psychoeducational): 9-12 months
  • Assessment (Adult Neuropsychology): 24 months
  • Assessment (Child Neuropsychology): 12 months
  • Specialized Assessment Clinics (Adolescent 12+/ Adult): 12 months

Our clinic is not accepting referrals for the following services:

  • Psychotherapy (Family): Not accepting referrals at this time
  • Psychotherapy (Couples): Not accepting referrals at this time
  • Cognitive Rehabilitation Group: Not accepting referrals at this time
  • The Mindful Brain Group: Not accepting referrals at this time
  • Memory and Aging Program (age 65-80): Not accepting referrals at this time
  • Assessment (Medical/Legal): No longer accepting referrals

The University of Victoria Psychology Clinic charges reduced fees for services as we operate as the training clinic within the Clinical Psychology Graduate Training Program. In exchange for a reduced fee, clients are provided psychological services by graduate student clinicians who are under the direct supervision of a Registered Psychologist in good standing with the College of Psychologists of British Columbia.

Our standard fees:

  • Psychotherapy: $60/session
  • Psychoeducational assessment: $1500
  • Neuropsychological assessment: $2500
  • Specialized assessment: $2500

For clients unable to pay the standard fee, our services are on a sliding scale based on gross family income and number of dependants, and are confirmed when booking the intake session.

How can I pay the fee for therapy or assessment?
Fees are payable by cash or cheque (preferred), and if necessary by credit card (Visa, Mastercard, AMEX). If paying by credit card, advance notice (7 days) is needed to process the credit request and have a secure link sent via email. We are not able to accept e-transfer. Cheques can be made out to “Psychology Clinic, University of Victoria”. We do not accept post-dated cheques. Clients whose cheques are returned because of insufficient funds are charged an administrative fee of $25.00 for each returned cheque. Fees can be taken by the clinician or Clinic Secretary.

We are committed to providing accessible services and do not want cost to be a barrier. We will consider all requests for fee reductions based on financial need. Please speak to your clinician who will consult with the Clinic Director or Clinic Secretary.

Therapy Services: Fees for therapy services are billed per session and it is expected that clients will pay their session fee prior to their appointment. We cannot accept pre-payment for sessions in the future.

Assessment Services: Assessment fees may be paid all at once or in two installments. Clients requesting to pay by installments should discuss this with their clinician at the first session. The final assessment report will be released to you/the referral source upon receipt of full payment and when a feedback session has been conducted.

Do you take my insurance?
We do not have the ability to directly bill insurance companies and clients are responsible for looking into their own policies for coverage for psychological services.

Clinic staff

  • Jill Robinson, Psychology Clinic Director + Assistant Teaching Professor
  • Laurie Fitzgerald, Psychology Clinic Psychometry Instructor
  • Janice Bentley, Psychology Clinic Secretary

Supervising clinic affiliates

  • Audra Roemer, PhD, R.Psych.
  • Karen Grant, PhD, R.Psych.
  • Seth Ubogy, PhD, R.Psych.
  • Kate Goodall, PhD, R.Psych.
  • Gina Harrison, PhD, R.Psych.
  • Lesley Baker, PhD, R.Psych.

Contact us:

Tel: 250-721-7538
Fax: 250-472-5319

Office hours

Monday to Friday
9 am - 4:30 pm

Mailing address

Psychology Clinic
Department of Psychology
University of Victoria
PO Box 1700 STN CSC
Victoria, BC V8W 2Y2

Courier address

Psychology Clinic
Department of Psychology
Cornett Building, Room A236
3800 Finnerty Road (Ring Road)
Victoria, BC V8P 5C2

Psychology Clinic Director

Jill Robinson
Tel: (250) 472-5085

In arrangement with the copyright holders, the Test Sales office produces and sells a limited number of neuropsychological test materials. These tests were primarily designed for use with children and adults with known or suspected brain lesions.

These test materials are not available for sale to the general public as they were designed to be used by qualified health care professionals with appropriate training and expertise in neuropsychology. Individuals interested in purchasing tests from our office will be required to provide in writing verification of their assessment qualifications.

Test Sales proceeds go towards supporting the Test & Book Resource Library at the Psychology Clinic, Clinical Psychology Training Program at the University of Victoria.

Available Tests for purchase:

Please email  for all test ordering queries.


The following tests are discontinued, and no longer available to purchase:

  • Dichotic Listening Test: Discontinued
  • Embedded Figures Test: Discontinued
  • Right-Left Orientation Test: Discontinued
  • Sentence Repetition Test: Discontinued
  • Sound Recognition Test: Discontinued

Contact for test ordering queries.