Urban Europe Field School

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May 2018 - Urban Europe Field School (GEOG 388, 391, and 391)

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May 2017 - Urban Europe Field School (GEOG 388, 391, and 391)

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May 2016 - Cascadia Sustainability Field School (GEOG 388 and 391)

This program ran from May 12th to Jun 13th, 2016.

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May 2015 - Northern Europe Sustainability Field School (GEOG 391)

Northern Europe Sustainability Field School Blog
In May, 2015, twenty-eight UVIC Geography students took part in a month-long travel study program through Northern Europe lead by instructors Cam Owens and Ken Josephson.  Visiting cities in Iceland, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, and the Netherlands, students met with community groups, environmental educators, planners, scholars and others responding in innovative ways to the daunting sustainability challenges facing contemporary cities. They have returned inspired to engage within their own communities in meaningful change.
On Aug 14th four students presented to Esquimalt Township Council, the first of a number of such presentations planned as part of building a positive field school legacy. At this initial meeting the students shared what they had learned in the field about the importance of communication and trust building, about effective planning with respect to active transportation, and about innovation in brownfield redevelopment. Students proposed a number of areas in which they could undertake specific projects hoping to foster a creative research / action relationship with the Municipality. 

May-June 2014 - Cascadia Sustainability Field School (GEOG 388 and 391)

Cascadia Sustainabiliy Field School
In the spring of 2014 we travelled from Victoria to San Francisco studying urban and regional sustainability. Students had the unique opportunity of learning in the field from local planners, academics, and activists who are responding to the daunting ecological, social, and economic challenges of the 21st century.
  • GEOG 388 - Topics in Geography: Sustainable Cities (prerequisite: 2nd year standing)
  • GEOG 391 - Regional Studies: Pacific Northwest (prerequisite: 2nd year standing)
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May-June 2012 - Cascadia Sustainability Field School

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