Find your edge in UVic's School of Environmental Studies.

Why environmental studies at UVic?

The world is interconnected—and so are the issues we are facing. Living and working in one of the world's most environmentally rich regions inspires us to learn from its stories and safeguard its integrity.

Hands-on, experiential learning opportunities—during co-op placements, on campus and in local or international field schools like the Redfish School of Change—inspire action and accelerate your personal growth, your learning and your readiness to take your place in the world after graduation. UVic's amazing campus is both our classroom and laboratory.

Environmental studies at UVic offers an integrated, experiential and impassioned course-load. The school really balances the despair you get from learning about the state of our global environment and social health with the tools and passion to get out in the world and do something about it.
—Kathryn Juricic, alumna

Interdisciplinary programs examine environmental issues and explore solutions that cut across the boundaries of traditional disciplines. Our award-winning faculty are international leaders in the school's three areas of focus:

  • ethnoecology
  • ecological restoration
  • political ecology

And our students are as diverse as our faculty—each engaging in studies in another discipline and learning the skills to navigate multiple perspectives.

Strong personal relationships are an essential ingredient of a vibrant learning community. Our programs emphasize the critical intellectual, interpersonal and collective work that supports effective environmental action, and are founded on the belief that scientific knowledge must be integrated into a rich understanding of social, cultural and political dynamics to develop lasting solutions.

Put on your boots, roll up your sleeves and dig into your future on the Edge with UVic's School of Environmental Studies! Join our program to learn about the environment around you and make a positive impact in whatever you want to do.