Interdisciplinary program

We recognize the inherently interdisciplinary nature of Anthropology, and the varied research interests of the faculty and encourage participation in their graduate program from students pursuing degrees by special arrangements in Interdisciplinary Studies.

All UVic Interdisciplinary students must have co-supervisors from two different departments. It may be in your interest, however, to be affiliated more closely with one department. This gives you both a departmental "home" and accountability as you progress through the program.

Accordingly, we differentiate between two categories of INTD students:

  1. "Maximum-Support" INTD students whose "home" is seen to rest in the department.
  2. "Limited-Support" INTD Students, whose "home" is seen to rest in a different department.

These two categories of INTD students have different rights and responsibilities within the department and the application procedures for each category are different as well.

Please consult with the department's graduate adviser before beginning to arrange a INTD program of study.

More information on the INTD program can be found on the Graduate Studies website.